How to Leverage Your Business
for Long-Term Success

This high energy book is practical and inspirational. The reminder to focus on my passion and not lose sight of meaningful priorities helps put everything else in perspective. I am re-reading it and taking copious notes for immediate application!
Anne Ellis

Grab a Copy of this Must Read Business Growth Book

Small Business Owners: If you want to significantly improve your lead flow and increase your chances to improve your numbers in 2022, you’ve got to stop thinking like a Business Owner and start thinking like a MARKETER.

In other words… You need to:

  • Identify your ideal client and discover what they most want to HAVE or most want to AVOID.
  • Devise a message that captures their attention and positions you as the authority on that subject.
  • Offer a “taste,” (a free tip) to establish good faith and to prove that you do in fact have a solution for your ideal client.
  • Follow up and close the deal in a sales meeting.

That is the most basic marketing strategy in the book, and business owners in every industry are making MILLIONS with some version of this basic step by step sequence.

7 Steps To Recession-Proofing Your Business has helped SCORES of small businesses increase their revenue by 25% or more, within 12 months. 

Now it is your turn. Click the here and grab your copy of 7 Steps To Recession-Proofing Your Business straight from Amazon so that you start aligning your business using this powerful blueprint.  

small business marketing blueprint
7 Steps to Recession Proofing Your Business


So What’s The Book About?

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What People Are Saying

John Debon

From understanding your customers to search engine optimization, in his book, 7 Steps To Recession-Proofing Your Business, Frank Demming provides a comprehensive approach to growing your business. With an easy to understand style, Mr. Demming guides you through his seven steps, each step building upon the others, until you have created an effective and sophisticated marketing plan and sales strategy that can easily be customized to your specific industry and needs. This book is a must read for any small or medium sized business looking to grow.

Pete Cafarchio

I’m a business and leadership coach, and when I read this book I immediately knew I needed to get it into the hands of my clients. Frank Demming does a great job of showing the power of a sound marketing plan. He gives just enough theory to help readers know the “why ” but then he plunges right into action steps they can take to start really growing their businesses.”

Dennis Kosty
Owner, Taurus Home Improvement & Repair

Frank Demming has drawn on his years of experience to provide a very clearly written, easy to understand pathway to building a successful business. He eliminates the fluff and self-aggrandizing often seen in many other business growth books. His simple 7 step Recession Proofing Process cuts to the core of what makes businesses and individuals successful. I recently started a new business and I plan to make Frank’s 7 Steps the driving principles in my mission statement.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. How to maximize your company’s exposure by harnessing the power of  advanced digital marketing strategies and tying it to four proven marketing systems
  2. How to increase your revenue by 25% in the next 12 months by streamlining your processes and leveraging technology to eliminate hidden challenges which sabotage your growth and keep you stuck
  3. How to create a steady and predictable stream of revenue and avoid dips and valleys that sometimes occur throughout the year so that you can expand what’s working well and grow exponentially.
  4. How to brand your business properly and separate your business from the pack by positioning your business as the go to business in your industry.

About The Author

Frank Demming (a.k.a. “The Local Business Guy”) means business. Business growth, that is. He’s a digital marketing expert with a proven track record of helping localized businesses from all over the world increase their revenue by at least 25% within 12 months. His careful analysis of a business’s current state results in step-by-step implementation plan paired with careful nurturing. His delighted clients become longtime fans!

He has helped dozens of small businesses increase their revenue as well as their brand awareness which resulted in distancing themselves from their competitors. He enjoys getting to know each and everyone of his clients so that he can understand their goals and exceed them.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, visiting new restaurants taking imprumptu road trips and volunteering at Church. Frank’s a devout New York Yankees fan who lives in New Jersey.

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