Local Business Market Solutions

Our Case Studies Reveal How We Have Helped Law Firms Just Like Yours Dominate Their Market without Overspending

Whether you’ve been trying to figure out the ins and outs of Facebook ads on your own…

Or the marketer you’ve hired to do Google ads has turned out to be irrelevant and incompetent.

Turn to the team at Local Business Marketing Solutions, where we set the bar for success high.

At LBMS, we provide lead generation that consistently outperforms the competition and doesn’t damage your bottom line, no matter what type of law you practice.

Sign up and find out how we helped one bankruptcy law firm grow its leads by 1375% in just four months, while also achieving a 71% decrease in the cost per lead.

Even better? By focusing on high-quality leads only, we doubled the conversion rate from 6% to more than 12%.

Not enough evidence to support our case?

We’ll send you a second report showing how we generated 607 leads for a personal injury law firm over a 13-month period, while also bringing the cost per lead down by 96%.

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