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Get found, and drive customers to your door using our local ppc management solutions.

What could you do with hundreds of new high-converting leads in a single year?

Hire a new paralegal
Move into a larger office
Take on another partner
Sell your business

Stop struggling with how to build your inbound business. Stop waiting for the phone to ring. Stop watching other law firms get leads that could easily have been yours.

Instead, bank on Digital Marketing and Local Business Marketing Solutions, Google Ads, Google Search Ads, Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords and PPC or Google Ads Campaigns and PPC Campaigns to generate leads for attorneys in NJ provide you with consistent, retainer-ready lead generation from the best ppc management company NJ. 

Put your business in front of your customers

With Google Ads, a Google Ads Management Agency, with Attorney PPC Management can put your law firm in front of customers at the exact moment they’re searching for you. 

Whether they’re looking for bankruptcy help, have a grievance against a former employer, or need a divorce lawyer, the higher on the search results page your law firm appears, the better the chance they’ll contact you first. 

With the top 3 ads on a Google search getting 41% of the clicks on a page, not being first usually means losing out on the client.

Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results!
Conversion 50%

AT LBMS, we’ve been perfecting our Google ads and pay-per-click chops as a google ads agency since 2005. We know the ins and outs of the Google algorithm and make it our business to keep up with the changes so your ad campaign never loses a step.

Ready to fast track your lead generation? Request a free strategy session today.

Sales +23% YTD on my eComm store! TY Frank Demming for AdWords & PPC -Better results than I've experienced with any other campaigns, including those that I've paid big money for.

Previous to working with LBMS, we were with another firm but never received any personal attention and being able to communicate in real time was a challenge. LBMS has been the opposite. We have seen a definite increase in call volume and leads. They've also increased our organic search reputation, which has brought our cost per lead down.

With our Google Ad and Pay-Per-Click services, we'll:

  • Do detailed competitor research to ensure you beat the competition
  • Provide keyword research and targeting, along with search term monitoring
  • Use geo-targeting, retargeting and day-parting to reach only the customers you want, where and when you want
  • Run A/B split tests for optimal results
  • Update audience targeting as needed
  • Monitor the campaign budget and optimize bidding to get the most for your dollar spend
  • Deliver detailed conversion tracking

Perfect for Law Firms of Every Type!

  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate
  • Criminal Defense
  • Employment & Labor
  • Entertainment
  • Estate Planning
  • Family
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personal Injury
  • Tax

Talk to Local Business Marketing Solutions today about how PPC can deliver more clients and more cases to you. Join the best ppc management New Jersey. 

Where do you place your pay-per-click ads?

Our PPC management team in NJ will have a conversation with you to analyze your business, your audience and where you will get the best results. The most popular system is on Google, but we might want to look at other PPC platforms and strategies available, depending on your audience.

Why work with LBMS?

It takes a lot of experience to build a revenue-driving PPC management strategy that works in NJ! We’ve worked with numerous businesses in many different industries. We can leverage our experience to produce a powerful PPC advertising campaign for your NJ business.

Still not convinced?

Consider this: 33% of searches in Google are related to local searches. And it’s generally the top 3 ads of a search that get 41% of the clicks on a page. PPC helps your business get found!
33% of searches in Google are related to local searches
Local search 33%
Top 3 ads of a search that get 41% of the clicks on a page.
Top 3 ads 41%

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We’re happy to discuss questions our PPC management services and how your industry can benefit from it with positive results and revenue growth.
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