Assedo Consulting

Website Redesign


Law Office of Judson Hand

Production Date

March, 2017

Used Skills

HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP3


Website Redesign

Project Description

Project Description: Assedo Consulting is a business enterprise that was established in 2012. They provide public outreach and communications support services for planning, design and construction projects in the Washington DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas. They had a website that was built using templates that are provided by GoDaddy. Although the website functioned adequately and lead them to a few small projects, they were looking for a way to uplift their image in the marketplace and attract a higher end client. After sitting down with them and gaining an understanding of their needs, we provided them with a few custom design mockups that were positioned to intrigue a higher echelon clientele as they so desired. Their newly built custom website is now attracting the right size client(s) and has put Assedo in a position to bid on higher level projects.

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