13 Ways to Find Your Best Customers with Facebook Ads

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13 Ways to Find Your Best Customers with Facebook Ads

With over 2.80 billion monthly active users daily, Facebook advertising is an important way to generate leads and customers. An astounding 80% of all Internet users use Facebook. These billions of users and most of them check their Facebook page multiple times per day.

Many advertisers seem to struggle to show their message to the right audience.  They end up wasting money and throwing resources down the drain because they don’t know how to properly target their Facebook Ads. 

What if you could clone your perfect customer?  Actually, with Facebook ad targeting, you can.  Now you don’t have to set up an ad, cross your fingers, and hope you reach someone who is interested in your offerings.  

Facebook’s advertising manager allows you to customize ads to get maximum results. With a little knowledge of how Facebook advertising works and best practices, you can succeed. 

Facebook ad targeting offers businesses many ways to serve the right ad to the right user at the right time. These thirteen techniques will help you improve your Facebook ad performance to target the right customers.

  1. Follow up with anyone who watched your Youtube videos.  YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide.  So, if you have a video that gets a lot of viewers, you can create a custom audience for your Facebook ad to go to everyone who watched your video.  It’s a smart way to capture leads on your mailing list or market a product to them.
    For example, a copywriter may have a YouTube video about 5 tips for a High Conversion Home Page.  Then they can target all the viewers of this video to an ad about their copywriting services.  
  2. People who engaged with your Facebook Business Page.  You can create Facebook Ads straight from your Facebook Page to reach out to future customers and fans. You’ll want to define your ad objective.  You can choose from boosting a post, boosting an Instagram post, boosting an event, getting more leads, getting more bookings, getting more messages, promoting your page, and promoting your business locally, and getting more website visitors.
  3. Retarget Users Who Engaged With Your Instagram Profile, Posts, Or Ads.  Did you know that you can actually retarget your Instagram followers by using Facebook Custom Audiences?  You can create a custom audience for visitors or your Instagram page, posts, and ads.  You can target anyone who has sent you an Instagram message.  You can even focus on people who have saved any of your Instagram posts or ads. 
  4. Lookalike Audience.  Facebook lookalike audiences are a powerful tool for customer acquisition. It’s a great way to reach new users that share similarities to your current customer base.  Like finding your customer’s long-lost twin.  They are new users that like the same things your existing audience likes. Take time to choose your best customers.  That gives you a higher chance for conversion.
  5. Target an ad to attendees of an industry event your fans are attending.  You can specifically target people who are in a designated area and on their phones. If you offer certification for social media marketing skills, you could send an ad to all the event-goers of the Social Media Marketing World event while they are at the event.  Geotargeting allows you to blast a Facebook ad to everyone within a certain amount of miles of the hotel where the event is taking place.  Select a building’s address. The ad radius can be a maximum of 50 miles and a minimum radius of 1 mile around the specific address that you enter. You can also add other demographic restrictions to your audience to refine your audience. 
  6. Facebook Core Targeting.  If you know the demographics of your ideal customer, Facebook core targeting will help you create a custom audience for them.  You can basically target people based on anything – even aspects you’d never imagine. It allows you to target ads at people based on their socioeconomics, physical locations, interests, behaviors, and connections.  You can even target by generation such as Millenials, Baby Boomers, Generation X, etc. You can select people with a new job.  Find and target people that are recently engaged or married and are building their relationships.  The level of information you can target is mindblowing.
  7. Find Employers of your best fans.  If you teach game programming skills, you could target Nintendo and other employers where your geek customers work. That helps you place your ads directly in front of the right people.  This is a great approach to use if you are hiring and want to recruit talent. You can even narrow it down by certain job titles.
  8. Focus on readers of related Publications/Trade Magazines.  A personal trainer might want to do a Facebook ad targeting magazines such as Health and Shape that cater to your niche.
  9. Associations.  Major trade associations are a perfect find to find your targeted audience.  Research the major associations in your field.  If you offer self-worth coaching for women, you can target the association of a local group.  For instance, you could make a custom audience with the Women’s Empowerment (WE) is a Sacramento nonprofit.
  10. Target your Competitors Fans.  If you don’t have a large following yet, you can create a custom audience using your competitors.  Let’s say that you are a chef.  You look up top chef celebs who have the same following as you.  Let’s say that’s Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay, Ree Drummond, Alton Brown, and Ina Garten.  You can target them with your ad.
  11. Custom audiences. A Facebook Custom Audience lets you target your Facebook ads at a specific group of people who have already interacted with your brand.  So instead of starting from scratch, you can target people who have clearly expressed an interest in your business.
  12. Website audience. Using a warm audience such as your website visitors can deliver a higher return on ad spend. Setting up a custom audience with your website traffic can unleash a huge untapped revenue for your business.  To set this up, you’ll need to add a pixel to your website. You then set conditions, such as what pages someone needs to visit or conversion actions they need to take, as well as in what timeframe, to be included in your custom audience.  Make sure to exclude your current customers from the custom audience. 
  13. Upload your mailing list. Boost conversion by creating a custom audience using an email list full of prospects who have already shown interest in your brand.  Just download your mailing list into a CSV file. Then you can upload it into the Facebook ad manager to create your custom ad audience. 

Facebook advertising can empower your business, and once you have found the right type of campaign for your business, you can unleash that power to drive business results. From acquiring new customers to building better brand awareness, Facebook ads help many small businesses grow online today!

Get Social With Your Customers Today. 

These thirteen strategies will help you define your audience and start getting traction quickly, however, the fact is that Facebook ads have become much more complex over the last few years and that’s why you need an expert to help. We  help businesses get more leads and sales with Facebook and Instagram Ads without spending a lot of money. Do you need more leads and customers? Effectively using the lead generation platform of Facebook and Instagram can be your ticket to online success? Contact us today to discuss your social media advertising needs.

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