5 Things to Look For in the Best Law Firm Web Design Company

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5 Things to Look For in the Best Law Firm Web Design Company

When creating an online presence in the legal industry, having your own website is necessary. It is one of the ways you can create a positive image for potential clients and build trust and credibility. Unfortunately, web design isn’t something you can learn overnight because of its complexities. With its vital role in making your business known online, hiring the best law firm web design company is essential.

This article will explore the top five characteristics to look for in legal web design companies. Ticking these characteristics off before signing up for their service ensures you’ll have a great law firm website, so keep the details below in mind. 

1.  The Best Law Firm Web Design Company Knows the Basic Web Design Elements

The advantage of partnering with an Internet marketing agency that designs law firm websites is the assurance that the web designers and developers have undergone a tedious vetting process. You can be sure that the web design company has hired individuals knowledgeable on these web design elements.

  • Page Layout: The best law firm websites have a visually pleasing and well-planned layout. Look for a team capable of building a page that is visually appealing and user-friendly, from the header to the categories, images, graphics, and texts. 
  • Visual Hierarchy: A great web designer also considers which law firm web content gets the most attention. Important details will have bigger space or bolder colors than supporting ones.
  • Navigation: When web developers master navigation, they can lead new and existing users to the information they need and the path to signing up for a legal service.
  • Color: Colors may seem like simple details, but they should be a priority in creating a new website. A web designer knows that the site colors have an aesthetic purpose and should reflect your brand. 
  • Speed: Amid all the details in your site, a capable web designer ensures that the site loads in less than three seconds to avoid a high bounce rate.
  • Accessibility: To reach a larger audience, the web designer should ensure your site is accessible on a computer, a phone, and other mobile gadgets.

2. Experts Create Websites with Quality Content

An aesthetically pleasing website draws visitors in, but high-quality content keeps them interested and converts them into customers or clients. A successful website requires both working together to achieve your digital marketing objectives.

During your initial meeting with the team, pay attention to their ideas for the following pages:

  • Home Page: The home page should have a catchy headline and a supporting sub-headline. Calls to action and stunning graphics should welcome site visitors.
  • Practice Area Pages: Listen to the agency’s suggestions on how they’ll present your firm’s expertise, your attorney’s credentials, and the advantages of getting legal services from you.
  • Landing Pages: These are the pages potential clients will land on after clicking an ad, so they should be well-planned. Partner with a law firm web design company capable of creating a landing page that converts.
  • Email Sign-Up Page: A sign-up page is a way to generate leads through subscription if you publish free resources or regular newsletters.
  • About Us Page: Competent web design agencies should go beyond the basics of providing your law firm contact details and address. They should ensure you stand out from the competition by sharing stories of your law firm that will make your brand unique.
  • Blog Page: Look for a law firm that includes the maintenance of your blog in their service. They should know how to create reader-friendly, relevant, and search-optimized content.

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3. An Expert Web Design Agency Does Audience and Competitor Research

You can engage potential clients better when the content you create is relatable, and this is only possible when you know your audience. A web design company should help you do audience research by using tried and tested ways to draw in your target audience. They should also apply client feedback and ratings to improve your website.

Meanwhile, knowing what your competitors are doing ensures you can build a well-designed website and offer services on par or even better than your counterpart law firms.

4. A Good Law Firm Website Design Company Is Capable of Building Custom Websites

Through the knowledge, skills, and experience of the web designers and the data they got from audience and competitor research, they should build a customized website for you. 

A customized website is way better than templates because it gives you the freedom and flexibility to bring to life a vision that may not be feasible in currently available templates. With a custom website, you can present your brand and services better.

The back end of template websites are also more susceptible to hackers, risking the security of your site and the information you acquire from your clients. When you build a customized website, you’ll have much better security.

5. A Great Web Design Agency Considers Law Firm Website SEO

Website design has a significant impact on SEO. A well-optimized website that follows SEO best practices can improve its chances of ranking higher in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to the site.

It’s essential that your website designer considers these SEO elements to ensure the site is search engine- and user-friendly.

  • URL Structure: A well-designed website often has clean and descriptive URLs that the users and the search engine can easily understand, contributing to better SEO rankings.
  • Meta Tags and Descriptions: Meta tags and meta descriptions should be part of the website design process because they provide information about the content to search engines. When optimized, they can improve click-through rates from search results.
  • Heading Tags: Heading tags provide structure and hierarchy to the content. Properly formatted heading tags help search engines understand the content’s organization and relevance.
  • Image Optimization: Images enhance visual appeal, but they need optimization. Compress their file sizes without sacrificing quality and use descriptive alt tags to make the site more accessible and faster to load, improving SEO.
  • Internal Linking: A well-designed website includes appropriate internal linking, connecting related pages to help users navigate the site and distribute link authority. Internal links assist search engine crawlers in discovering and indexing content.
  • Structured Data Markup: Certain web designs allow the implementation of structured data markup, which provides search engines with additional context about the content. It enhances search results through features like rich snippets, improving click-through rates.

Web Design for Law Firms by Local Business Marketing Solutions

A website can help law firms become dominant online so that their target clients can find them. To ensure you design your website right, you must partner only with the best law firm web design company. We hope the details we shared above can help you land an investment-worthy partnership to help grow your firm and client base.

We at Local Business Marketing Solutions offer website design services specifically for law firms. Instead of relying on templates, we build custom law firm websites that stand out from the crowd. We ensure your brand and services shine through search engine optimization.

If you want help from qualified law firm web designers, contact us for a 15-minute discovery consultation now.

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