5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Are Not Doing to Grow Your Law Firm

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Are Not Doing to Grow Your Law Firm

In today’s marketplace, using proven digital marketing strategies is essential to growing your law firm. To market it successfully on the web, using multiple practices like active social media profiles, user-friendly websites, and effective advertising are essential. More importantly, to attract search engines, you need to have a strong brand presence to reach your target audience.

It is important to use proven digital marketing strategies for law firms because today your audience spends approximately 8 hours surfing online websites a day, and before hiring an attorney, they search it vigorously on the internet rather than using antiquated practices. Here’s some data you may not have known… More than 70% of the audience prefers to learn about your law firm via digital channels.

However, today in the legal industry, the landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing. Therefore, to capture new leads and target your audience, you need to implement the latest digital marketing strategies. Have you ever considered how you can grow your law firm in 2021 and what are the useful practices to help you achieve that? Check out these 5 can’t miss digital marketing practices for the growth of your law firm.

1- A Strong Website

Do you know that 80% of Americans own smartphones and 3-out of -4 of them use their smartphones to address their immediate needs?

Formidable websites need to be contracted for law firms to compete in the legal industry as the majority (or all) of the business comes from local clients. Building a strong and user-friendly website is important as it is the foundation of your business to capture your potential audience. It delivers the basic information and core values of your law firm.

Clients typically look for a free consultation before retaining services. A website helps you to generate more leads for your business by showcasing a consultation to clients to help them in the best way possible. Well-designed law firm websites reflect the personality of the company and give the first impression to your clients that let them know why they should choose your law firm to retain your services. If you build a strong trust factor by showing them a significant online presence, you have already done half of the work that it takes to build trust.

2- Quality & Helpful Content

Content marketing is gaining popularity day by day as it helps to showcase your expertise to your potential audience. Therefore, it is important to publish high-quality and unique content on your website.

Content creation is an ideal opportunity for law firms to show their experiences and expertise to generate leads. A simple and informative blog on your website can attract your audience with an intent to have them retain your services.

If you want to grow your law firm, it is important to post authoritative content or stories that build trust among the audience concerning their legal issues. By providing quality and unique content, you will be able to hit the ground running and create more of an opportunity for your law firm to connect with your potential clients.

Try to invest in well-articulated, thoroughly researched, and authoritative content and spread it around on your social media channels, blogs, and forums to capture the target audience.

3- Seo is Important

It is crucial for law firms to pay attention to SEO. 75% of people never go past the first page of the search engine platforms. In addition, 93% of online experiences begin with search engines. The Sprout Social 2019 Index found that 43% of users check website rankings to retain legal services. Therefore, a ranked website is important for the imminent growth of your law firm.

Sounds interesting, right?

Search engine optimization is basically a process of using the appropriate keywords and online strategies to rank better across search engine results. It is very important for local law firms. Here are some useful practices a law firm can follow to improve its ranking:

  • Categorize your website
    Properly categorizing your website helps your clients to navigate your services easily as per their legal issues. Visitors easily find pages if your website is categorized properly.
  • Targeting local keywords
    This is a very useful practice and if you want to increase the visibility of your law firm among the local audience, then target local keywords so they show up for relevant searches made by people in your local area, zip code, or county.
  • Optimizing your pages
    Try to optimize individual pages as it makes them easier for search engines to read and thus allows you to compete with other law firms in the market. It includes dozens of factors including text, video, images, HTML tags, and more. Reach out to one of our Local SEO consultants for a deeper explanation.

4- Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is a rising trend in recent years as people use speakers and smart assistance to find resources, products, and services using voice search. As per a recent report, approximately half of all online searches in 2021 will be via voice. That being said, make sure that your law firm is not losing out on this as this factor will affect your law firm’s growth and visibility.

Voice search helps to increase local intent as queries are more probable to be location-specific. Adding descriptions related to your area including landmarks and institutions around your area of interest helps you to capture your potential audience.

5- Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is significant to market your law firm using the various free social media profiles available to us today. They provide an amazing opportunity for law firms in a variety of ways to share engaging and useful content for lead generation.

Social media posts also assist in pre-consultation contact with clients to help them with legal service questions that they may have with direct engagement. To attract your audience, try using popular hashtags and publish interesting content on social media for potential growth.

The Closing Argument

There are a lot of challenges when establishing a law firm but by using these simple yet proven digital marketing strategies, you can attract a potential audience and outdistance your competition. Nevertheless, the integration and utilization of digital marketing can enable your firm to benefit from the wonders of the internet and establish a significant clientele.
Have you ever used the above-mentioned practices to grow your law firm? If yes, what does your online presence look like currently? Click here to request a free digital presence audit.

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