5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

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5 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

Hiring a web designer isn’t all that different from hiring any other contractor; you want to hire someone who is experienced, professional and has a list of satisfied clients. First, take the time to interview a handful of web design professionals before signing a contract. And then, ask these questions about your web designer to learn if he is truly up to the task at hand:

  1. Do you have any case studies we can look at? One of the first questions for your web designer is proof of their success. Case studies will show you exact numbers and figures regarding their success with individual clients. For example, it will tell you So-and-So’s sales increased by 34% after using our web design and marketing services.
  2. How much do you charge? You might be a little surprised when you get the first quotes: high-quality web design isn’t cheap. If you get a low quote, be wary. Web design involves a great deal of time and labor – market research, professional SEO research, creating wire-frames and sample sites, etc. It is a business investment, not just a cost-efficient band-aid. That being said, quotes should be itemized so you can see exactly what you’re paying for and will be able to compare apples-to-apples across the bid spectrum.
  3. Do you do market research? Market research is a fundamental component of web design. Your web designer is more than just a graphic designer. The company’s goal is to bring you more business, which means they need to have a better understanding of your clients and market specialty.
  4. How about testing, measuring and analyzing? Bench marking, testing, analyzing metrics – these are tools that tell us how a particular site, page or social media campaign is doing. You need these to learn and grow your digital marketing in the right directions.
  5. What is the website going to look like? Similar to someone stepping into your place of business, appearances are everything. This should also apply to your website and online content. A bland website that lacks character, alongside content that is boring or grammatically inaccurate, can cause a future client to quickly bounce off the page. When you’re hiring a web designer, analyze his or her past projects to see the aesthetic qualities of each.

Preparing questions for your web designer will lead you to the right choice.
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