5 Strategies To Generate Quality Leads From A PPC Campaign

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5 Strategies To Generate Quality Leads From A PPC Campaign

You must have invested thousands of dollars into your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. It may even have managed to create a great number of leads for your business. Your cost per lead is simply amazing and the conversion rates are all increasing. But, when you dig deeper and analyze your results, you get to know that these “leads” are just junk. There are only a few of these leads that are turning into opportunities. The truth is your ROI is not at all healthy. So, how can you generate some real leads that eventually turn into  customers?

Today, we are going to discuss a few strategies that will help your business  generate better quality leads, especially from your B2B PPC campaigns. So, let’s get started:

Division of Campaign

Your target audience follows in different ways to search for their solutions. You need to dig deeper and find those ways. Then, divide your offer into different groups that have their own features, categories, benefits and target audience. After identifying the groups that you want to cater, you can allot proper assets to the same. This will allow you to focus your efforts that would result in quality leads and improved conversion rates.

Customized Landing Pages

You need to customize your landing pages according to your different ad groups and their particular needs and challenges. But it is not always feasible, especially if you have multiples of them. One good solution would be to provide different titles or subheadings that would allow you to alter the content of the page. Now, you have to test your offers to see which one gives you the more tractions and conversions.

Target Relevant Keywords

It is a no brainer but you can’t put enough focus on it. So, the first step in the right direction is to identify the most relevant and focused keywords. Also, another important way is to have long tail keywords that should be of four or more words. This is not enough, you need to be proactive to avert any undesirable clicks.

Keep a Proper Track

To best measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, you need to keep the track of not only the conversions but also other important elements. It will help you in ascertaining which campaign was the effective one, from which site the lead came, the device used and the keywords searched etc.

Adjustments as per Mobile performance

By keeping a proper track, as mentioned above, it will help you in determining which devices such as smartphones, computers or tablet etc. are basically creating opportunities. This way you can keep your focus on those particular device campaigns. For instance, if your laptop PPC campaigns isn’t driving any leads, you can stop running your campaigns on this device.
Many companies often struggle in generating leads and converting them into customers through PPC campaigns. These strategies will help you in creating an excellent PPC campaign plan that could provide increase in conversion rates and ROI. So, if your business needs PPC management, contact us and we will help you deliver the best!

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