7 Awesome Marketing Tips to Grow Your Businesses Online Presence

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7 Awesome Marketing Tips to Grow Your Businesses Online Presence

Do you want to grow your business online, but you don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help. Website traffic and a strong online presence are vital if you want to succeed.

It’s not enough to have a website anymore. The way people find and engage with your business is changing faster than ever before. In order to keep up with these changes, you need to learn some marketing basics.

In this article, we will show you 7 extremely useful marketing tips that can help grow your online presence. So, let’s dive in!

1. Use The Right Tools For Online Marketing

The first step toward optimizing your digital presence is to select the proper tools. There are thousands of options out there, so make sure you choose wisely. Here’s a list of our favorite digital marketing tips:

  • Google Analytics – Are you monitoring your web traffic? If not, you should. Google Analytics is easy to set up and will help you track the performance of all your online campaigns.
  • Facebook Ads – Advertising on Facebook can be an incredibly powerful way for companies to reach their customers. It’s great because it gives businesses the chance to target potential customers with a very specific set of demographics and interests.
  • Instagram – Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your products, as well as your company’s personality. Selecting the right hashtags can help you get more likes and followers, which will ultimately help you grow your online presence.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn seeks to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. It’s a great place to network, find clients and host webinars for your business.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest combines functionalities of social networks with features of image bookmarking sites. It is the largest virtual pinboard in the world which provides an easy-to-use system for collecting images from around the web.
  • SuperOffice – Are your employees scattered around the world? SuperOffice can help you coordinate all their activities from one place. This is a great way to streamline operations, communicate with employees, and control costs.

2. Create A Call-To-Action in Every Online Post

Every time you create an online post or upload a blog video, you should be asking your readers to take some kind of action. Maybe you want them to learn more about a certain topic through an opt-in form, or maybe you want them to visit a new page on your website.

Boost the conversion rates of your online posts by adding a clear call-to-action that can help turn viewers into customers. A CTA can be very simple, but it has to stand out! For example, you can create an “Amazon Product Page” button that links to the page on your website with the product you want people to buy.

These marketing tips are simple. But effective.

3. Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Online Presence

Influencer marketing is a great way for businesses to reach new audiences and grow their online presence. By collaborating with influencers you can:

Increase your brand’s exposure by partnering with top industry influencers and connecting with their existing followers;

Grow your sales because research shows that 94% of consumers trust recommendations from influencers;

Win new customers through influencer marketing by inviting them to try your products or services;

Find out what kind of content your followers want, which will give you the inspiration to create high-quality posts.

4. Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Businesses Online Presence

Video marketing is a great way to tell stories and connect with your customers. It’s also relatively simple to do. You can make videos using:

  • The camera on your phone: Make an explainer video by recording yourself talking about the features of your product or service. This is a great way to get your point across in a fun, engaging way.
  • Video Camera: If you want to produce higher-quality videos, you’ll need a video camera. Make sure it’s HD and has a tripod, so everything looks professional;
  • Computer: If possible, try not to use your laptop or phone because the screen is too small. You need a webcam that can capture crisp images from a distance. Ideally, you’ll want a screen with full HD capabilities for best results.

5. Leverage Local Marketing To Grow Your Businesses Online Presence

In order to grow your online presence, they must be aware of your brand and they need to think it’s worth spending money on. The key is making sure they know where you are. Prioritize big products over small ones, set up an “About” page and add your address and phone number.

Doing simple things like this will help you stand out from your competitors, increase trustworthiness and grow your online presence.

6. Use SEO Services To Grow Your Businesses Online Presence

SEO is not a quick-win tactic, but it has great long-term benefits.

It could easily take months or even years before you notice the full potential of SEO in your business. However, once you do, you can boost your online presence exponentially, and your visitors will grow.

For example, if you do a good job optimizing your website, you can expect to see:

  • An increase in organic traffic;
  • Higher rankings on Google and other search engines (meaning more visitors);
  • Increase brand awareness;
  • More sales because people are already interested in your products or services

All of these things will help grow your online presence. And hiring a digital marketing agency can help you get the campaign running.

7. Sponsor A Contest To Grow Your Businesses Online Presence

Contests are a great way to increase engagement on social media, which can help you grow your business’ online presence.

They’re also relatively simple to host, because all it takes is a little entry form and the willingness to give away some kind of prize. For example, you could host a photo contest where people have to take creative pictures of your products or services, upload them and tag you in their posts.

Alternatively, you could give away vouchers so the winner gets something out of the experience. Marketing is all about getting results that are visible to your audience. You can get results by using these tools that are already proven to work.

You can use these tools at any stage in your business’ development, no matter how large or small you are. It’s important to make sure you’re using the right marketing tools at the start of your journey, so you don’t waste money on things that won’t generate results for your brand.

Build A Stronger Online Presence With These Marketing Tips

You can do these things yourself, or you could hire someone to help.

Just because marketing has the potential to be expensive, doesn’t mean it can’t be effective as well. If you’re willing to put in the work and take your time, you can leverage marketing to grow your business’ online presence.

For more help with implementing the best marketing tips, give us a call!

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