11 Best Legal Directories to Get Listed On and Grow Your Practice

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11 Best Legal Directories to Get Listed On and Grow Your Practice

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Online legal directories serve as a platform for attorneys to get more clients and establish credibility in the legal industry. In an age where online presence is necessary for business growth, law firms need to be on these directories to expand their reach, generate leads, and, ultimately, increase revenue.

With the numerous options available online, choosing the right ones to be listed on can be a challenge. But don’t worry; we’ve got you! Here are the best legal directories to list your legal profile.

Top 11 Lawyer Directories Every Lawyer Should Know About

1. Avvo

Avvo is a website dedicated to lawyers who want to post their credentials and contact information online. You can post detailed “About the Lawyer” content or upload a resume to feature your expertise and achievements. 

On top of these details, site visitors can also view online reviews and ratings about you, so that clients don’t have to go elsewhere to look for social proof. If clients want to contact you, they can message you directly through the site’s messaging feature. 

You may also post local lawyers’ endorsements on your page for additional credibility. If you have a law firm website, you can link that, too.

2. Nolo

Unsurprisingly, you can find the best legal articles and products from Nolo, which began as a publisher of guides about legal matters. From bankruptcy and personal injury to criminal law and more, Nolo has got you. 

Today, on top of its legal resources, Nolo has a page that lists lawyers, which visitors can browse depending on practice area or location. The page provides an overview of the lawyer’s experiences, specialties, philosophy, and even a biography. Details on how and where to contact the lawyer, like office address, phone and fax numbers, and a website, are all posted. 

3. FindLaw

A legal directory site ranks better with posted blogs and free legal content. The topic choices and the keywords incorporated in the content can help it appear on search results and boost rankings. 

FindLaw allows you to publish optimized legal content that can show your credibility in discussing specific legal topics while boosting your page’s ranking. You can also add links within the article leading to your website.

For clients to find your lawyer profile page on this platform, they’ll need to input the legal issue they have and their location. A legal directory listing of lawyers will appear. Each page features the lawyer’s basic contact information, a one- to two-liner description of the service, and attorney ratings. Clients can click it to go to the lawyer’s website.

4. Lawyers.com

Lawyers.com makes it easy for clients to contact the lawyer they need because the site’s categorization is well-organized. Clients can get quick search results using the site’s search bars. All they need to do is to type the legal issue or a lawyer’s name as well as the zip code, state, or city to get refined search results. They can also search by practice area, arranged alphabetically for easy search. 

After searching, the search results page will show a list of lawyers who are experts in the field needed. These lawyers’ profiles contain contact information and a brief overview of the lawyer’s specialties. These profiles feature fellow lawyer and client reviews, as well as positive reviews from Avvo. 

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5. LegalZoom

LegalZoom mainly gives legal assistance for business and personal issues. Business owners can delegate the legalities of business registration, brand protection, and operations to lawyers listed on LegalZoom. Personal legal needs like wills and trusts, divorce, and real estate can also be handled by lawyers on LegalZoom.

If you’re an expert in these fields, then affiliating yourself with LegalZoom is the way to go. Note, though, that unlike other attorney directories, clients will only get access to you after they sign up for a plan. They won’t be seeing your credentials and contact information until then. 

6. Justia Legal Directory

Justia is another lawyer directory that offers more than a list of lawyers clients can partner with. This website also provides legal guides and resources visitors might find helpful in understanding legal topics.

In its lawyer directory you can post your biography, practice areas, ways for clients to schedule a conference with you, consultation and professional fees, professional experience, and more. 

You can also add a link to your website or the blogs and materials you’ve written and published. Ratings and feedback from colleagues and clients are also highlighted in your profile.

7. Martindale-Hubbell Online Directory

Getting listed in the legal directory of the Martindale-Hubbell is a challenging process, but it boosts your credibility right away. You first need to submit a request to be posted on the site. Then, the site goes the extra mile to get feedback and recommendation from other lawyers to decide whether they’ll approve your request.

Despite the complexity of the process, the stamp of approval is worth it. The site has over 15 million visitors per month. Visitors of Avvo, Lawyers.com, Nolo, and other legal sites can also bump into your profile, as Martindale is affiliated with these sites.

8. HG.org

HG.org has a comprehensive list of lawyers from different areas like the USA, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South America. Wherever you are in the world, you can post a profile on the site and pitch your services. 

Lawyer profiles are categorized into their fields of expertise to make the search easier. Searchers can just type in keywords and refine the results by adding the location of the lawyer they are looking for. These profiles include the lawyer or the firm’s background, address, contact number, and links to the law firm’s website that can support the lawyer or firm’s credibility. 

HG.org also allows lawyers to publish articles and be featured on the site. These articles can be found on the lawyer’s profile. 

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9. Super Lawyers

To make it to the legal directory of Super Lawyers, you need to be nominated by peers and have impeccable professional accomplishments. The site invests time and effort in reviewing lawyer applications, so make sure to have the best pitch to get approved. 

Because this selection process is transparent, clients will know that you are a lawyer or firm to be trusted, and your credibility won’t be questioned. Clients will see an About page featuring your professional experiences, credentials, and background. Practice areas and achievements will also be posted. 

Clients who want to partner with you can get your contact number or visit your office through the details provided on the page.

10. LegalMatch

Other sites recommend lawyers based on the legal issues a client needs and the proximity of the attorney to the client. With LegalMatch, clients can get search results tailor-fitted to their needs because of the site’s in-depth questionnaire.

After a client chooses a category and subcategory of legal needs, they need to answer specific questions about the help they need by describing their case. After getting this information, LegalMatch will suggest a list of lawyers. These lawyers’ profiles will include their background, their fees, and a brief explanation of why they are the best professionals to handle the case.

11. Cornell Law School

Cornell Law School is an Ivy League University based in New York, and its online portal is more than just a site for faculty and students. Because of its directory of lawyers, individuals looking for legal assistance can use it, too. 

Cornell Law School’s legal directory page has a search feature where visitors can type in the legal issue or the lawyer they are looking for, as well as the city, state, or zip code. A prospective client can also click through the practice area or state categories. Then, a list of lawyers will appear.

Lawyer profiles include credential details like education, professional experience, publications, awards, practice areas, and more. Contact details are also provided so that interested clients can contact the attorney.

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All these attorney directories are excellent platforms for law firms and attorneys like you to showcase your services, establish credibility, and attract potential clients. 

You don’t need to pick just one site to publish your credentials. Post on as many reputable sites as possible; the more pages your professional profile is published on, the higher the chances of reaching your target audience.

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