Design Essentials: Driving More Traffic to your Website

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Design Essentials: Driving More Traffic to your Website

Driving More Traffic to your Website

Business owners, bloggers, and content creators alike crave an increased number of visitors to their website. They are also likely keen on having a website that looks stunning and works smoothly for users. The two desires go hand in hand.

Through brilliant web design, you can combine aesthetic and functional powers to encourage more visitors to your website, which, in turn, can lead to increased leads and sales.

Why drive traffic to your website?

In simple terms, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more potential customers or contacts you will have. In more complex terms, increased traffic will boost your search engine optimization, improve your brand awareness, and better use analytics to form marketing and sales strategies.

In the second quarter of 2020 the percentage of retail sales that took place online was up 44.5% from the year before; using an eCommerce website – a site that sells products – is, therefore, a good example to demonstrate the need for traffic. Tapping into this online market requires an audience that can only come from increased numbers of website visitors.

More visitors to the website mean a higher chance of closing a sale and more evidence for your analytics team to see where customers are clicking and how long they are staying on pages. This, in turn, allows the design and marketing teams to make better-informed decisions for strategies moving forwards.

To get more visitors, follow the simple guidelines below.

Content creation

An excellent way to enhance the way your website looks while also increasing the number of visitors it has is to focus on quality content creation.

Content creation comes in many forms, though the most common and easiest to produce is a written blog. Uploading blogs regularly keeps the content on your website fresh, boosting SEO, and they are also informative while looking fantastic. Other forms of content creation that can draw customers in are videos, podcasts and infographics.

Website design

Consider using a web design agency to get the dream website that looks exactly how you want it. Seeking the help of professionals is the quickest and most guaranteed route to having a website that is aesthetically pleasing while also being optimized for search engines and for converting leads into sales.

The better designed your website is, the more likely a customer will stay on it for longer once they have arrived. This is not only a positive for your chances of making a sale, but it also helps SEO, too.

Using images

Images should be used appropriately and professionally: ensure they do not cover text, make your website difficult to use or understand or distract visitors from navigating to the pages where you would prefer them to be.

Never use pictures or photographs that are poor quality or the wrong size as this oozes a lack of professionalism and care; if possible, hire a professional photographer to capture your product images or blog pictures so that you are best promoting your material.

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