Facebook Ads for Lawyers, Explained

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Facebook Ads for Lawyers, Explained

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Law firms are among the 200 million businesses marketing themselves on Facebook. However, an American Bar Association survey found it’s a far second to LinkedIn as the preferred social media platform. Law firms are concerned being on Facebook makes them seem unprofessional. Despite this, law firms should still consider the platform’s advertising capabilities. Facebook ads for lawyers might be the missing link needed to increase reach and get more clients.

In this article, we’ll discuss some Facebook advertising best practices legal businesses can capitalize on. 

Why Use Facebook Advertising for Law Firms?

Many law firms may be reluctant to run Facebook advertising campaigns. However, Facebook ads are not limited to businesses that sell products. Facebook’s advertising feature also helps service-based businesses create effective ads to reach potential clients. This can make your firm more competitive in the legal space.

Your target audience may not actively search for your business, but there is a chance clients looking for law firms around them will stumble upon your ads and your page. At the very least, ads strengthen your branding and name recall, which is beneficial for people who may need your services in the future. 

Furthermore, if you are on a budget, Facebook ads are an affordable option. We’re talking about a few dollars: you can run some Facebook ad types starting at $5, though this won’t guarantee great results.

What Successful Facebook Advertising for Lawyers Looks Like

Your competitor firms might be on Facebook as well. Thus, it’s not enough to create Facebook ads. To make sure that your advertising efforts generate leads and reach your audience, you must employ a variety of tactics. Get inspired by these essentials that successful Facebook ads have in common.

An Optimized Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is the number one requirement to start using Facebook ads. The page also functions as a marketing tool that funnels visitors to dedicated websites. 

Here are some ways law firms can effectively use their pages.

  • Post informative legal content. It can be videos, infographics, or blog posts.
  • Post about upcoming events. If you’re participating in a conference or speaking at a webinar, let your followers know.
  • Promote engagement. For example, you can ask intriguing questions to keep your target audience engaged and encourage visitor interaction.
  • Use Messenger for customer service and conversion. Messenger helps speed up time to resolution when customers or leads have concerns or inquiries.

Targeted Audiences

Targeting is the top priority of Facebook ads. Without a target audience, businesses are basically flushing their money down the drain, and ads reach people who don’t need their services. 

Facebook has targeting options to ensure the ads are visible to the people who need to see them. You can customize ads using Facebook’s demographic- and interest-based targeting options. Some of the options include the following:

  • Location
  • Age group
  • Educational attainment
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Relationship status

Facebook also provides insights to help law firms understand their audience better. Always read and use Facebook’s Audience Insights to create and target ads more specifically. This ensures that every dollar spent is catered towards getting new clients.

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Relevant and Engaging Ads

Creating relevant and compelling ads is another challenge in advertising. Good ads are engaging and encourage viewers to take further action. Well-targeted, compelling ads will make sense to your law firm’s target audience. The content will appeal to their wants and needs and let them know what to do next through the call to action. 

Here are some considerations when creating ads for your law firm’s Facebook page.

  • Choose the appropriate language and tone for your target audience.
  • Consider the type of ad for the type of audience you want to attract.
  • Consider the type of content your target audience likes to see.
  • Take note of their likes and dislikes.
  • Make sure that the ads reflect your law firm’s brand identity, from the color scheme to how the ads are presented.
  • Ensure the messaging is aligned with your law firm’s values and beliefs.
  • Create ads with value—always ask yourself, “Will the viewer gain something by seeing this ad?”

Use of Videos

A successful marketing strategy on Facebook should always include video ads. Facebook pushes businesses to use videos, and evidently, users love it. So don’t miss out on creating video ads for your legal business. Not only are video ads an effective way to get a viewer’s attention, but they are also easier to remember as well.

A well-created video ad converts more viewers than image- and text-based ads. Here are some practices to help you create an excellent video for your campaign.

  • Keep it short and engaging. Grab the viewer’s attention and get straight to the point.
  • Include a call to action at the end of the video. This can be done through text graphics or spoken in the script.
  • Do a split test on video ads to see which ones work best for your law firm.
  • Make sure that the video ads are viewable on mobile devices.

Retargeted Ad Campaigns

A good marketer knows that retargeting is just as important as targeting. Sending your ads to viewers who have already interacted with your business through your Facebook page or law firm’s website can push them to take action. The viewer may not convert the first time, but they can do so in the future.

Keep in mind that retargeting advertisements is your last attempt to turn your audience into paying customers. Make sure the content is still recognizable, and add a touch of personalization.

Lookalike Audiences

Facebook ads for law firms can always be tweaked to target hyper-specific audiences, especially your most active and highest-value customers. These ads then reach audiences with similar characteristics. They are known as lookalike audiences. 

Facebook ads can be tailor-made for audiences who have

  • contacted your legal firm,
  • downloaded material from the business’s website or Facebook page,
  • subscribed to the business’s newsletter,
  • watched a video on the law firm’s Facebook page for a significant period of time

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Conquer Advertising With Local Business Marketing Solutions

Online advertising is competitive. If you’re new to this, bigger and more experienced law firms can easily eat you up. If you want successful Facebook advertising in a snap, Local Business Marketing Solutions can help. Our service provides law firms with digital marketing solutions to help them expand their clientele and boost their revenue.

Our services include Facebook advertising so that you can profit from the social media platform by reaching your ideal customers. Here’s what to expect from our Facebook advertising service:

  • Fully customized ads for hyper-specific audience targeting
  • Ads that will direct attention to your services
  • Optimized ads that can be displayed and viewed across different devices
  • Constantly tested and edited ads to improve ad placement and design
  • A thorough lead and conversion tracking system

Complement your social media advertising with other digital marketing strategies for optimal results. We also offer different marketing strategies such as Google PPC ads, local SEO, multichannel marketing, website design, and mobile app development.

Contact us for a 15-minute discovery consultation and start your social media ad campaign today!

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