Failing to Success Podcast featuring Frank Demming

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Failing to Success Podcast featuring Frank Demming

In this episode of the Failing to Success podcast, Chad Kaleky interviews Frank Demming, the founder of Local Business Marketing Solutions. Frank shares his journey of leaving corporate America and venturing into entrepreneurship. After initially providing coaching services, Frank discovered his passion for working with law firms. By implementing targeted marketing strategies such as display ads and LSAs, he achieved significant growth and tranquility in his business. Frank emphasizes the value of business coaching, highlighting the importance of structure and mindset for long-term success. Aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to embrace discomfort and trust their instincts on the challenging but rewarding path of entrepreneurship.


Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

✅ Leaving corporate America for entrepreneurship – Overworked and seeking a better future.

✅ Choosing a niche – From coaching various businesses to focusing solely on law firms.

✅ Growth and peace of mind – Targeted messaging and autopilot systems lead to business expansion.

✅ Different approaches for different practice areas – Personal injury benefits from display ads, while family law thrives with LSAs.

✅ The role of a business coach – Gaining valuable insights, structuring the business, and achieving success.

✅ The importance of mindset – Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery and the lion mentality.

✅ Embracing discomfort – Transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur requires resilience.

Here’s how you can connect with Frank:

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:18 Leaving Corporate for Entrepreneurship

00:01:45 Choosing Your Niche

00:05:07 Hiring Coaches

00:09:31 Advice to New Entrepreneurs

00:10:28 Contact Frank

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