Four Tricks to Instagram Marketing

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Four Tricks to Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an online photo/video sharing program used primarily by individuals, but its steady growth is due, in part, to its business marketing potential. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and its growth/use percentage surpassed Facebook’s in 2013.
With millions of users, how can you make your company stand out on Instagram? Here are some helpful tips on Instagram marketing for businesses:
Instagram Marketing

  • When you set up your Instagram account, make sure you complete all the basic settings.
  • Promote your Instagram account on your website and get as many followers as possible by sharing. Put an Instagram badge in your website’s sidebar so people can easily click and follow.
  • People remember what they see. What’s great about Instagram are its photo enhancement features and filters. Play around or choose one to give a signature look to all your photos. And be creative in how you market your product or your brand! Have fun! If your slogan is, “We build better,” film or photograph two competitive toddlers “building” with blocks, for example. Social media studies by Simply Measured show that videos get twice the viewer engagement as photos.
  • Some social media marketing campaigns always withstand the test of time, like giveaways and contests. Consider a campaign that will engage your viewers and generate more leads for your business.

A one-on-one consultation is exactly as it sounds: you will be assigned your own professional media consultant who will study and learn about your company’s unique dynamics. Following an assessment of your company, your consultant will help you decide where you want to be and what percentage of profit increase you want or need. Our services can help bring your Instagram marketing plan to life.
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