Helpful Tips for Editing Business Content

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Helpful Tips for Editing Business Content

That blog you just published? It was one of 92,000 new articles that are published online every day. Whew! That’s some stiff competition, assuming even the smallest fraction of those were published by your competitors. Business content editing is crucial to make sure the content you put out in the world is indicative of your company’s commitment to impeccable products, services and customer service.

Business ContentHere’s the caveat: When we’re talking about business content editing in this instance, we’re not talking about spelling and grammar. We’re talking about making sure the content you send out there is what people want to read.

Here are some guidelines.

Create customer-oriented content. In the beginning of the SEO craze, it was all about keywords, which led to some pretty horribly written content. Seriously – how many times can you make “best contractor Baltimore” sound good ad nauseam? Google felt the same way so they changed their algorithms. While keywords are still a factor, natural, conversational and useful content matters more. It’s your job to create content users want to read, not web crawler-oriented pieces that don’t flow.

Make it engaging. Does your content inspire visitors to take some kind of action, whether it be clicking or tapping on a CTA or sharing your post with others? Sharing, meaningful comments and likes are all signs that your content is user-friendly.

Are you writing for your target market? Always re-read your content – or have an objective person read it for you – and make sure the target market is clearly identified. Do you know who the piece is written for and what the ultimate purpose for the article is? If not, go back and edit.

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