How to boost your online footprint to increase your lead flow

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How to boost your online footprint to increase your lead flow

Online marketing is highly diverse in today’s technological era and vital for every startup to make the brand known amongst the target audience and establish consistent traffic.

An excellent digital marketing strategy will help your company’s website rank high on search engine platforms, the most widely used medium to find a product or service. This process of improving the ranking of a website is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Generally, SEO consists of several strategies, tactics, and practices that enable websites to achieve a range of objectives, including brand recognition, traffic, and lead conversions.

This article will go over SEO’s relevance in improving a brand’s overall online footprint and boosting your lead flow. It will also highlight several approaches that can be used for increasing online exposure and drawing more visitors to your website.

SEO’s relevance

SEO enables your website to rank better, increasing your website’s visibility, which in turn means more traffic and the potential to turn visitors into customers. People are searching for your services consistently, and they will visit your website if it is visible to them.


Backlinks are highly valuable for improving SEO since they enable websites to be inferred by search engines about their content’s credibility. Therefore, backlinks can enhance the search engine results of your website and give it a chance to rank better.

Connecting with a backlink building agency for small businesses has proven to be the most effective and budget-friendly method of getting more traffic due to improved visibility. As a website gains recognition through backlinks, search engines deduce the website contains valuable material worthy of ranking high in the SERPs.

If you’re an entrepreneur or own a small business, considering the following factors and strategies will help you increase customer traffic and, in turn, improve your lead flow:

Lead Generation

1. Website Performance and Interface
A website’s success hinges on the kind of user experience it has to offer. The more downtime a website experiences, the more likely users are to abandon it.
User experience is greatly influenced by page speed. A website with minimal downtime offers a better user experience, increasing page views, and conversions while decreasing bounce rates.

2. Content Marketing
Digital Content has the potential to engage a large amount of audience towards your brand. The kind of content a business’s online platforms have determined the impression it would have on its customers.

From delivering the purpose and message of the brand to making a startup look like an entity, content marketing can elevate customer impression in every aspect. It can augment the organic customer traffic and help in improving search engine results.

Integrating customer-centric content is according to the target market and nature of the business makes it easier for startup owners to leave a good and long-lasting impression on their customers.

3. Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get an ideal return on investments. By developing strategies to reach out to customers through email, you open the door to invite them to your website directly. Use all the data you have in store and send in your promotional emails to reach out. Every customer out there is looking for a good deal.

4. Paid Ads
Organic traffic and traditional marketing techniques can take weeks or months to generate results. One solution to speed the process of customer outreach is to use paid advertisements. Several digital marketing agencies are available on the internet that can assist and take care of a paid campaign for a business.

Investing in branded keywords and integrating them has proven to improve the ranking across all SERPs.

5. Affiliate Programs
A marketing associate program is a partnership between a marketer and a content publisher. You may compensate the publisher depending on the number of clicks or transactions they refer your way. This relationship is usually established across a network and is an effective method to gain recognition across the digital web.

6. Benefit from Analytics
Digital Analytics is a priceless utility that can be used on a daily basis to track customer progress. They are mainly used to analyze links for marketing promotions, website traffic analytics, customer profiles, and the current ranking a business is standing on.

To view keyword rankings, clicks, and impressions for your website, the SEO reports in Analytics can be used. Integrating the highly searched keywords according to your business will in turn improve your standing across various search engine platforms. These analytics can assist you in keeping track of your business’s digital performance.

7. Enticing Call-To-Action
It is important to give the right direction to your audience once they visit your website. If you do not provide them a direction for the next step, they will not know what to do next and ultimately you may lose your potential clients. You must direct them to make an immediate purchase with clear guidance.

This is where call-to-actions help. They direct the users as to what step should be taken, once they visit your website. Your call-to-action must be convincing enough to make people turn from visitors to consumers.

Once your visitors place their trust in you, understand that you provide the most suitable services for their needs and allow them to avail your service right there and then.
Some common examples of call-to-actions include:

  • Download now.
  • Sign up for the webinar.
  • Watch the tutorial.
  • Check our sale.
  • Click here to watch online.
  • Click now for more information.


To optimize your website for high rankings, it takes time, knowledge of SEO, and practical implementation. What distinguishes your rank on the search engine results pages is the more visits and clicks your blog can get. If you’re on a tight budget, whitehat SEO strategies such as backlinking, CTAs, and performance of the site, etc., are a brilliant way to get qualified traffic to your website, without having to pay for it directly.

All these strategies work well in improving increasing your online footprint, however, you will definitely need to check what is the current state of your online presence. Click here to receive a free online presence report and take the first step.

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