Key Features of the Best Tools to Monitor Social Media

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Key Features of the Best Tools to Monitor Social Media

Monitor Social Media Tools

Social media monitoring is a robust research tool for companies that want to know about the demographics of people who show interest in them on different social channels. Tracking more than three billion people using social media and what they are thinking might be an impossible task. Having the conversations that matter most to you can be challenging to cut through all the noise. You can target a particular audience with the help of the NJ social media marketing.

This is where key resources for tracking social media comes in. You don’t have to seek out the information which comes to you as NJ social media marketing will help navigate your brand-related conversations.

You may manually perform essential social monitoring and search social networks for keywords, hashtags, etc. But that’d take up the whole day. Plus, to compile and share all your work, you would need to create a dashboard reporting.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do these all yourself to help you keep track of more data and recognize the essential information; there are plenty of social media monitoring tools. Seven of our favorites are listed below. NJ social media marketing has shown that using tools to monitor social media can help boost your business.

Hootsuite makes it easy

A widely used freemium app to monitor social media-Hootsuite helps you track various activities on social media platforms and networks, including Twitter, Google+and Facebook. By scheduling posts across multiple platforms, managing multiple social channels quickly becomes an easy task. If there is more than one person who takes care of the posting, you can easily delegate tasks to conveniently manage it more effectively. 

Twitter is no more un-trackable

Twitter Counter, a fantastic tool that helps you monitor your stats on Twitter. It can track the exact amount of  Twitter numbers and users, as well as widgets and buttons to show followers and visitors that are attracted to your social media profiles, websites, and forums. Besides, you can keep track of various data like mentions and retweets. You may also handle multiple accounts by adding them to the app to keep track of them in one location. This will help you with creating custom graphs, reports, and documents.

Track who you reach with the help of TweetReach

TweetReach is a great analytics tool in terms of showing the number of audiences who have reacted to your tweets. It can also help you keep a tab on the impact of social media posts. TweetReach easily discovers people that closely follow your account to identify the most influential to determine relevance. You are likely to track more consistent results by targeting these people.

Want to create a buzz? Use Buzzlogix

Buzzlogix, an exceptional tool for your services and products in real-time to share what people think. It can also measure which part of the audience is interested in what you offer and can also hint about your critics. In just one app, you can manage all your social media accounts. You can answer or respond to them by using the dashboard, which makes it an excellent tool to manage your community interaction. Analytics and social media updates are helpful, as well. Plus, it’s free to sign up.


These programs track and maintain several metrics by collecting data and evaluating the action that you received, paid, and owned. Unlike others, this is not a free website, but for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter, you can create reports using the free version of it. You can get receive insight on Facebook posts, Instagram engagement, competitor pages, metrics of customer service, and trends.

Social Zoho

Social Zoho enables you to sort the posting and publishing of your content on various platforms, making it a useful manager of social media networks. You can track performance from a dashboard and track conversations.


Buffer allows you to schedule content before the actual date publishing data, and you can group Buffer with posts you desire to share during the week and send it to your social media profiles automatically. Buffer helps you monitor pages and communities that involve Facebook fans, profiles on LinkedIn, business sites and profiles on Twitter, Google+, and  Pinterest. After content is posted, Buffer’s analytics tool is excellent to help you track what is and what is not adding value to the overall brand.

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