Keys to Launching and Running a Legally Sound Business

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Keys to Launching and Running a Legally Sound Business

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In this episode, I go a little off-topic and interview Cheri Andrews. She is an attorney with 32 years of combined law firm practice and in-house General Counsel experience. She received her BA magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College, her JD from Temple University, and holds the prestigious In House Counsel Certification from the Association of Corporate Counsel.

After 16 years as in-house corporate General Counsel, Cheri chose to redirect her time and talent to providing impactful legal services for heart-centered small business owners and solopreneurs. Using pricing models that eliminate stress over hourly rates, Cheri helps entrepreneurs weigh legal risks against business objectives, make informed decisions, and implement contracts and policies designed to protect their livelihood.  Her passion is to ensure that you have a legally sound business. As of this interview, Cheri is licensed to practice only in the State of Pennsylvania.

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