Know the Importance of Creating Engaging Web Content

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Know the Importance of Creating Engaging Web Content

Your company has a rockin’ website design. You’re writing content using researched keywords and observing local SEO marketing practices. That’s great! Now the question is, “Is your web content engaging?”

Creating engaging web content is the key to keeping visitors on your site once they land there and then guiding them through the sales funnel. With more than 600 million websites (and counting) in existence, boring content isn’t going to cut it.

creating engaging web content

Step 1: Hook Your Readers

Make sure each page is titled appropriately and that your headings catch their attention. You have less than 8-seconds to captivate your audience so the first glimpses they get of your website are crucial. Pay attention to your bounce rates and analyze the pages with the highest bounce rates versus the ones with the highest conversions. This will give you an idea of where and how things should be changed to keep your visitors onsite.

Step 2: Remember You are Helping Them

If you’re not careful, your website may be all about how visitors can help you by becoming customers. This is the wrong mentality. Instead, you need to focus on their needs, wants and pain points so your content is educational, informative and engaging. Your overarching goal is to serve them, engage them so you get to know them better, and then become their go-to resource for your particular service or product niche.

Step 3: Understand How Google Works

If you’re all about Keywords, you may not understand how Google’s new algorithms work. While SEO is still important (Google does pay attention to these things), algorithms are continuously being tweaked to promote high-quality content that is relevant, shared and engaging. The more natural and engaging your content is, the higher it will rank.

Creating engaging web content shouldn’t be a struggle. Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions to set up a one-on-one marketing consultation for more information on how to grow your business through web content.

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