Meta Descriptions are a must for SEO- Know-How

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Meta Descriptions are a must for SEO- Know-How

On-Page SEO

An HTML feature, meta description defines and summarizes the web content for the advantage of users and search engines. Although it is not as important for SEO ranking, it plays an important role in on-page SEO.

It is an attribute that helps to describe your page in your meta tags. This text snippet may appear under your headline in SERPs.

Sample code for meta description tag in HTML.

<head> <meta name=”description” content=”When writing one, keep it between 140 and 160 characters so Google can display your entire message. Don’t forget to include your keyword!”></head><br/><br/>

Because meta descriptions display with the name and URL, they can boost the results rates. NJ SEO company have proven that using the keywords in the meta body is a sign of interest that the search queries for Google can boost the rating.

It’s not a big cue but is used normally, it can surely help if you do not stuff the keywords. Meta description comes with the highest immobility in search results, so leverage the chance to market the website to searchers with an impactful voice. 


It should be written in a way that it get more clicks to make them SEO friendly because the SERP click rate is viewed as an influencing factor for ranking. Think about the search results you get in traditional ads like a magazine or newspaper. It uses headlines or taglines in which the user needs to call or drive to the location mentioned. Your site name will be your headline with the search results, the meta description will be the tagline and the address will be the URL. Use researched and targeted keywords with the help of the NJ SEO company. Make sure to fill the meta descriptions with an active tone making it clickable on the result because it is essential for your webpage as a micro-pitch.

The description should illustrate the USP of your website and that is where NJ SEO company helps you to achieve that. You need to show why your site is better than others by making it appealing to the users. Traditionally, emotional marketing has found great profit by leveraging the emotions of people.

SEO Friendly

To promote clicks and get search users to your page, create your descriptions as:

  • Hold about phrases that are 1-2 lines (up to 140 characters).
  • Don’t hesitate to have your keyword used.
  • If necessary, put a CTA
  • Stop duplicating meta descriptions.
  • Adapt the content to make it interesting and concise.
  • Hit on an emotion.

Use One page with several meta descriptions.

You might have seen that most sites either only have a single meta description with several tags that are typically caused by human error.

Nonetheless, several labels are intentionally used in some situations. The purpose is to provide additional options for the search engine when it is about showing metadata that fits the search query of a client.

Use of several meta descriptions intentionally. 

Several tags are becoming more popular, especially on long-form content pieces that are targeted at hitting multiple keywords. Their use aims to align the queries of the search engine result page with a fitting tag, that will further help increase the level of clicking. Building two different explanations related to each paragraph makes the foundation of the multiple meta description. 

Do you need to utilize several meta descriptions?

You wish to influence search engine results as described; it is generally considered a good effort to include only a single meta description for every generated article. Include the goal titles & keywords within a site that you are optimizing while also ensuring that the material is 100% exclusive and meets the user’s purpose of the most searched queries that you are seeking to rank with. Take professional help by NJ SEO Company if need be.

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