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The introduction and increasing usage of smartphones has led to the inception of mobile apps. According to 2018 statistics, the mobile app market is projected to grow 385% through 2021, with the United States expected to experience the most significant proportional increase with a 310% rise amounting $820 billion. This data clearly points to the significance of the mobile applications in the present world. A  mobile app is hitting the market every day and every hour; therefore, it is essential to understand how the mobile apps industry actually works.

Are you thinking of developing a mobile application for your business?

If you want to properly engage your customers through mobile apps, it’s best to hire a company experienced in custom application development like LBMS, LLC. We are an NJ SEO Company that can help you to design a flexible mobile app at reasonable prices.  
Let’s start by debunking some of the common misconceptions about mobile applications.

I own a small business; I don’t need an app.

Regardless of the size of your business, you should leverage mobile app technology. By not utilizing this crucial marketing tool, you might be missing out on a much broader audience base. A mobile app is a useful and convenient marketing tool. Every business, whether big or small, should absolutely have an app.

The app I would develop can only be bought with a fee

If you build a paid app, you will never get any attention from your target audience. When using an app for the first time, nearly every user searches for and uses “free” version. Few people actually purchase apps until they are certain it will be useful. If your sole purpose in developing a mobile app is to generate revenue, then you should opt for “in-app purchase” options.

Cross-platform apps are not feature-extensive

It’s a common misconception that cross-platform apps do not include rich features. With proper development and execution, it is possible to develop functionality-rich apps that work across multiple platforms. Cross-platform mobile app development is cost and time effective. The team at LBMS, LLC understands the needs and challenges of your business, and we can develop a customized, flexible, cost-effective, compatible app that is easily supported on all platforms, on time and at affordable price.
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