Online Business Tools and How to Leverage Them

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Online Business Tools and How to Leverage Them

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If you are being forced to have your staff work remotely, and are struggling to maintain a good structure/work ethic with it, then you need to listen to part II of my interview with Beth Marchiano. Yesterday she enlightened us with setting up a Remote Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and today she is going to help us define the kind of tools we need to use to ensure you are operating as proficiently as possible. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to yesterday’s interview, I would advise you to listen to it now so that you can follow along with today’s content a lot easier.

Here’s her info below:

Beth Marchiano
Director of Administrative Management, Growth Solutions Team,,
Office: 443-501-2201
Cell:  410-688-3433

General Info:

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