Pinterest Marketing Myths You Should Know

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Pinterest Marketing Myths You Should Know

Pinterest is an excellent marketing platform for almost any company, but it does not always really fit into the mold of traditional social media linking. For example, it is a myth that Pinterest connects people to people. Instead, Pinterest is much more successful at connecting people to interests and should be used as such. Here are a few other Pinterest marketing myths about this site that you should be aware of:

Pinterest marketing myths

It’s a sales channel: It is a simple fact of life that “hard selling” on Pinterest is counterproductive. It is much more suitable as a branding site where you can establish your product with a broad audience.

It’s only a visual medium: While most users only post a picture on Pinterest, more successful users understand the power of a caption. Not only does it add a little more information to the post, it can direct users to another one of your posts or sites.

It’s a driver of valuable traffic: While Pinterest can be an amazing source of new visitors to your site, you will probably see a spectacularly high bounce rate if you cannot deliver on the visitor’s expectations.

It’s a 9 to 5 operation: Pinterest is not typically used during the workday — it is an after-hours affair. You and your staff must recognize this and use the appropriate tools to post when the work day is done.

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