Reach Customers Even More and Increase Sales with Remarketing

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Reach Customers Even More and Increase Sales with Remarketing

Many times a visit to a website does not translate into a sale or consultation. Google states that 97% of first-time visitors do not convert. As you can see, that is a rather large percentage and as you can imagine savvy business owners would prefer to change this. With e-stores, there has to be traffic to the website first and then this will either bring sales or not.
Like with every other business, advertising more often than not works to increase visibility which ultimately leads to sales. For a long time, small businesses have been using advertisement in the form of banners, short videos or just pure content. These are placed on websites in hopes of obtaining traffic. The bulk of ads, in many cases, may be irrelevant to the visitor which in turn wastes an opportunity for a conversion.
Remarketing Vs Traditional Advertising
A better way to do this is remarketing as opposed to regular advertising as mentioned above. Remarketing involves storing data regarding a user’s online habits on a user’s device. You then use this same data to display specific ads targeting that customer.
Remarketing opens another window for converting a user who may have visited your site before but didn’t buy anything or request more info about your services. Many times users forget the sites they visit and never come back to them even though they saw products they may have liked. Remarketing brings your website back into their radar as long as they visited before, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Google AdWords is the most popular advertising platform and drives about 31% of the digital advertising market globally. This makes it a great platform to use for advertising campaigns. It also offers remarketed ads via its Display Network.

Remarketing allows you to target users on different ads and this increases the reach and effectiveness. This flexibility can be a loophole for waste if not handled well. The remarketing campaign must, therefore, be well executed to avoid losses. A great campaign focuses on conversion without looking like you are stalking and a few tactics can prove useful for this.
1. Specific items and information
A visitor is more likely to convert if the ad is about something specific they were looking for. Make the ad about a pink blouse, for example, and they will be more interested instead of just blouses in general.
Once a particular customer has purchased the item, refocus the campaign to a related item. This encourages repeat purchases. Trying to sell the same item to someone immediately after, is also very unlikely to lead to conversion.
Many visitors are searching for answers on websites. They will, however, buy items or sign up if they find useful information and a nudge to convert. Provide specific information that will influence them to convert.       
2. Geo-targeting
For those with a physical store getting customers within that particular geographical location is important for sales. Google AdWords remarketing in New Jersey allows you to capture consumers within or close to New Jersey and these are more likely to purchase from the store.    
Loyalty keeps customers coming back and can be established in many different ways. Reward repeat purchasers with a discount, use coupon codes, and generally, keep them wanting to come back for more. Take advantage of seasonal trends and habits that your customers have and remarket to them close to these seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Independence Day or Black Friday.
It is also important that your brand becomes visible to customers. With Google AdWords management services in New Jersey, your brand can be a regular part of people’s vocabulary within a short time. This builds a sense of trust among prospective clients thus bringing them closer to conversion.  
Google ads remarketing in New Jersey takes sales conversions to a higher level and is very likely to positively impact the bottom line.

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