Top 5 Unique Website Design Trends For 2020

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Top 5 Unique Website Design Trends For 2020

Website Design Trends For 2020

A website acts as a base for building a strong online presence for any business. Even with a robust social media presence and engaging and informative content, your efforts might go in vain if your website is not good enough. With the advancement in technology, what used to work on your website two years ago, might not be useful at the present time.

In the next two months, we all will enter in the year 2020. The upcoming year will also be both innovative and challenging for technological buffs. From AR to voice search, we witnessed various drifts. All these technological changes on the internet have affected the design, working, and optimization of websites. So let’s go through the top 5 unique website design trends for 2020 that you can use to be ahead of your competitors.

Vibrant colors

The trend of using soft tones are now slowly fading away. There was a time when all the websites flocked towards this color trend, but now, they have moved back to vibrant colors. According to the expert website designers, using contrast and vibrant colors attracts visitors and it makes the website look unique and engaging. You can use various warm tones like golden, blue, yellow and even go for a mix of vibrant colors while designing the theme of your website. Using bold colors will also help represent your brand in a better way.

Videos on the home page

The use of videos on websites created quite a buzz among website designers but the trend started slowing down. During 2019, people witnessed an increasing trend of using videos on the home page. The new formats of videos being used on the websites are bolder and eye-catching as well. But one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your text should never compete with the content of the video, rather they should complement each other. In 2020, it is assumed that website designers will keep using videos that are more product-focused for helping visitors know about the products and services offered by the company.

Natural and organic shapes

The traditional website designs support the symmetrical grid but now, website designers have started using natural shapes and smooth lines. Common geometrical structures like triangles, rectangles, and squares create a sense of stability on the website but in 20202, people are expected to make a paradigm shift towards natural and organic shapes. Since natural and organic shapes are generally asymmetrical, they provide depth to the website and make it stand out from the crowd. The use of organic and natural shapes like paint splatter will surely capture the spontaneity of the visitor.

Glitch art

In 2019, many retro designs made a comeback and became the latest NJ website design trends. Glitch art is similar to the retro design and it is sure to remain popular in 2020. The breakdown of technology through glitch art makes for appealing subject matter as a unique idea. By using glitch arts, you can bring visitors to those sections of the website that are actually wrapped, glitch and double exposed. Glitch art curtails the dull look of the website and enhances the feeling of disorientation by giving a psychedelic look. But you should not start using glitch art on every page of your website as it will start looking like a website designed only for psychedelic feeling.


Micro-interactions on websites are now enhancing user engagement and minimizing the bounce rate as well. By devoting time and effort in making every interaction on your website an enticing engagement, you will surely be able to improve the usability of your website. Micro-interactions are used on clickable items, but expert website designers can go beyond the traditional placement of micro-interactions. The key to not overusing micro-interaction is to include it to augment the user experience.

The experienced website design company will not only make your website look unique and enticing but it will also help in SEO optimization as well. Using the same old traditional website designing tools and techniques is not going to work in the current era. So keep tabs on the latest website design trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

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