Top 5 ways to improve your website

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Top 5 ways to improve your website

improve your website

A website is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of any business, big or small, that is working towards building its online presence. Whether you are a well-established firm or just a startup, to survive the neck-breaking competition on the digital platform, you need a responsive, engaging, attractive, and seamless website. But many things make a website responsive and ideal. This is why you should reach out to an NJ website design company instead of making it a DIY project. 

A website design company in New Jersey like LBMSLLC has all the necessary tools, techniques, skill sets, experience that can help a business forge and foster a high yielding website, taking care of all the essential aspects. But if you already have a website that is not giving you expected results, then instead of starting from scratch and building a completely new website, you can adopt various ways to improve the aesthetics and performance of your website. And this is what we are going to address in this blog post.

1) User behavior metrics

If you own a website, then it becomes paramount to know how users are behaving on your website. If you don’t know the number of visitors, the bounce rate, abandonment rate, how far an average number visitors are going, etc. then you will not be able to grow on the online platform. One of the best ways to find out how visitors are behaving on your website is to use the free tool; Google Analytics. This is one of the most user-friendly tools that give you detailed information about the behavior of the users on your website. You can fine-tune your website by analyzing the results obtained from Google Analytics.

2) Remove unwanted elements

There are many things on a lousy performing website that might hamper your online presence and the message that you are trying to convey through your website. Stocky website images, complicated and large animations are just a few things on this list. With an audience that has a maximum attention span of only 10-20 seconds, you need to build a first impression with engaging content, functional elements, which can make the visitors stay for long on your website. You need to remove and update jargon from your content, images that take too much time to load, and pages that still have dummy content.

3) Fresh and unique content

If you are not able to get expected results from your website even after making all the changes, then there is a strong possibility that it is your content at fault. You need to periodically update the content on your website with fresh and relevant pieces. But in the process of doing so, make sure that you do not stuff your website with content. The content that you are going to use on your website will affect both your SEO and the bounce rate. Excellent, unique, relevant, engaging, and straightforward content attracts users. You will also need to keep the SEO in mind while writing content for your website. Using the right keywords can help uplift your search engine page ranking. 

4) Simplifying your navigation

If you don’t want the bounce rate to hamper the performance of your website and want the visitors to stay on your website, then you need to simplify your navigation. The thumb rule of simplifying your navigation is to keep only seven items on your menu. Adding more than seven items in your menu bar will make the navigation look clumsy, and that’s why you need to avoid it. In addition to this, try to be as descriptive as possible in your label and also keep your navbar fixed.

All the tips mentioned in this blog can be used to improve the performance of your website. But if you are not sure about which tip to use and if you don’t have any idea about the working of a website, then you should contact experts and get the job done professionally. LBMSLLC’s dedicated team of website designers will make sure that your website has the functionality, appeal that yields a higher return on investment.

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