Using Analytics to Create a Better Mobile Website

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Using Analytics to Create a Better Mobile Website

If you’re a DIY marketer, we have a feeling analytics might be your weak spot. In our line of work, we see repeatedly how small business owners do an incredible amount of marketing on their own, but don’t know how to use analytics to their advantage. Or, they simply don’t have the time to use analytics even though they want to.

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Here are some of the ways you can use mobile website analytics to perfect your marketing approach. If this is the straw that breaks your proverbial back, consider bringing in mobile marketing experts who can help you with the not-so-little extras.

Pay attention to the overview. Your analytics overview will show you where your visits are coming from (desktop computer, laptop or mobile device). This is the point in the analytic show where you will oooh and aaaah over the steadily increasing visits coming from mobile devices, reminding you why these numbers are so important in the first place.

Learn the browsers. You will also be able to see who’s coming by way of which browser. Each browser has their own SEO preferences, which can help you tweak content creation.

Get specific with the devices. Since mobile searchers are many and on the rise, it’s important to pay attention to the various devices being used to find you, because this can help your web design team ensure your site visits are optimized for each user type. You want to make sure that your site does not discriminate by device. Navigation should be easy regardless of which device brands your site visitors prefer.

Begin segmenting analytic information into different categories to get closer and closer to what your visitors are looking for.

one-on-one marketing consultation with us can teach you everything you need to know about your mobile website analytics.

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