Web Design Mistakes That Could Cost You New Projects

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Web Design Mistakes That Could Cost You New Projects

There’s plenty of information out there on how to increase visits and leads through your home improvement website. However, common mistakes in web design may prevent people from finding your website and remaining there once they land on it.

Avoid the headache of delaying a project launch by learning the mistakes in a website's design.
Avoid the headache of delaying a project launch by learning the mistakes in a website’s design.

If the numbers and analytics of a new project’s launch have been lackluster, take a moment to see if any of the the following mistakes might be due to subpar website design:
Your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Nowadays, clients trying to find you — especially contractors, vendors, or other trades professionals — will likely access your site from their mobile phone or tablet. If your website isn’t mobile compatible, or doesn’t integrate a responsive design, it’s causing visitors to bounce to the next result on their search engine results page (SERP).
The pages are slow to load or overly flashy. If you have a flash intro, ditch it. If your pages take more than a handful of seconds to load, rethink their design. Your prospective clients want a simple website layout that is aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate. Too many videos, graphics or flashy text and they’ll lose patience or be overstimulated, neither of which is a good thing.
You’re using outdated SEO strategies. Google’s algorithms continually work to find organic, authoritative content with high-quality inbound links. Naturally flowing content always trumps keyword stuffing or clunky keyword phrases. Drop awkward SEO phrases like “Best contractor Springfield Virginia.” Instead, keyword phrases should find their way naturally into your content.
Content is more ad-based than information-based. Yes, you’re in this for the business. But one of the most common mistakes in web design is when all of the content and CTAs are sales-oriented. First and foremost, your website should be a set up as an informational and authoritative hub for visitors. Your links, CTA’s and landing pages can be stealthily crafted to land the sales.
A professional web designer can help you avoid these common mistakes.

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