Why Being a Connector is Important for the Growth of Your Small Business

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Why Being a Connector is Important for the Growth of Your Small Business

Jessica Levin business connector

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In this episode, I interview Jessica Leigh Levin who has a passion for connecting people and creating experiences. Jessica’s expertise lies at the intersection of communication and technology, leveraging both digital and traditional tools to help organizations and individuals share their message and strengthen their networks. She speaks on marketing, networking & connecting people, engagement, and technology. Listen to this episode as she shares some secrets as to how she gets it all done.

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Her Books
For Perfect ParingsClick Here (https://www.amazon.com/Perfect-Pairings-Art-Connecting-People/dp/098616920X)
For Everyone Has Sh*tClick Here (https://www.amazon.com/Everyone-Has-Sh-Unsolicited-Advice/dp/0986169226)

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