Why Having an Up-to-Date GMB Listing for Your Law Firm is Key!

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Why Having an Up-to-Date GMB Listing for Your Law Firm is Key!

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These days, with so many looking for law services online, making certain you have all the tools at your disposal to attract clients is essential. That’s why having an up-to-date Google My Business listing in addition to a well-optimized website is so important.

As one of the leading law firm marketing specialists, the team from Local Business Marketing Solutions (LBMS) has collected some insight here into precisely why your GMB info is so important.

What is a GMB Directory?

Before diving too deeply into the details, it’s important to understand exactly what a GMB directory is used for and how it benefits your law firm. Google My Business enables your law firm to list its location on Google Maps, so it appears in local search results. It’s a free service and allows you to display important information about your law firm among other things. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar firm or perform most of your business online, maintaining a GMB listing is still a great way to stay ahead of competitors.

What Should You Include in Your GMB Listing?

Including as much useful information for potential clients as possible in your GMB listing is key to being a leader in the search results. This means you should always include the address and hours of operation of your law firm, and its website and phone number. Even setting up a simple GMB listing with all the right information can boost your local SEO.

How Can a GMB Listing Benefit Your Law Firm?

As mentioned above, simply having a GMB listing can boost your law firm in search results and improve your local SEO ranking. But it also provides you with a way to directly connect with clients via reviews and build trust and credibility. Additionally, Google has recently enabled users to add posts to further optimize their page.

Now you can attract more clients by posting links to unique content, images, videos, and more.

Let Us Help with All Your GMB & Law Firm Marketing Needs!

If you need help optimizing or reviewing your GMB listing, our team can help. We use innovative technology to help you home in and reach your target audience and deliver results. By focusing on our client’s specific business goals and how to achieve them online, we can increase your web traffic, generate new qualified leads, and boost your client loyalty.

Contact us online today for more information, or call (888) 416-7752 to schedule a discovery meeting.

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