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Web design is crucial to attract customers to your business. According to recent statistics, the consumer attention span is getting shorter every year. Customers waste no time closing your website if they they don’t find it intriguing and exciting.
This is why it is essential to have an effective and responsive website design for your brand. It is arguably your most important marketing tool, as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing your online presence.

  • Your website is the first place your consumer will go to learn about you, and first impressions matter. Consumers first notice the site’s visual appeal, and whether your business is keeping up with the latest marketing and social trends. An ugly website will reduce attraction to your brand.
  • A website isn’t just about creating a solid first impression and gathering lead. A well-built and user-friendly website with the right elements is also important creates visibility and improves your search engine optimization. If you aren’t careful, your design choices could damage your rankings on search engines. Certain web design elements such as codes are directly linked with SEO. As a whole, your site should be SEO friendly to ensure a good ranking.
  • A beautiful and responsive website will help enhance your brand’s online presence. An appealing website will draw more hits from your targeted customer, increasing the probability that they will become your customers.

Designing a website is a complicated task with various intricacies. A lot goes into ensuring that the website attracts, engages and retains your audience and generates revenue.

Important websites elements to consider include:

  • Navigation and menus
  • Loading time
  • Color scheme
  • Functionality
  • Domain and host
  • Compatibility with multiple browsers and devices
  • SEO

Here are some web designing trends that all businesses should pay attention to in 2019:

Human elements:

Consumers like organic, relatable websites that have a human touch. For example, a website with an artistic flair will probably be viewed as more approachable.


You know how they say less is more? Minimalistic design is king, with natural colors, two-dimensional illustrations, and clean spaces. Flat design creates a quicker and more hassle-free browsing experience.

Vintage aesthetics:

Web designing is an excellent avenue for experimentation and nostalgia. The retro aesthetic is a hot topic. This approach brings back the old design styles while combining them with humanistic elements to give websites a more vintage feel. This contrast in design styles makes for a more interesting website.
Every business should opt to use a web design company in New Jersey like LBMS, LLC. An experienced designer can remove the stress of maintaining a website. With years of experience behind them, your website team can create an online presence that will enhance your brand’s SEO and visibility, attract your audience, and boost your revenue.
LBMS, LLC web designing experts will make sure that your brand’s message is reflected throughout your design.
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