Why Your Local Business Needs a Newsletter

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Why Your Local Business Needs a Newsletter

Does your local business need a newsletter? When you’re debating whether or not to invest the time in producing an annual newsletter, brand stylist and designer Amanda Genther offers five reasons to use a newsletter to increase your company’s profits:Newsletter

  • Keep in touch with current/prospective clients: A newsletter creates goodwill between you and your customers. This is why it’s important to make it captivating. A newsletter should grip a customer’s interest and keep her reading, so position the “sign up to receive our FREE newsletter” boxes on several clearly marked tabs. The fact that they want to stay connected with you is enough incentive to stay in touch!
  • Create/maintain trust and loyalty: The newsletter personalizes communication. Because they requested your newsletter, your customers have expressed an interest in your company and its services. Take this opportunity to build a relationship and develop customer loyalty.
  • The Information Age: Your customers are seeking information because they want to make informed decisions for their companies. They want to learn about many topics relating to their industry, and your email newsletter can be the resource that gives them that information opportunity.
  • Promotions, industry updates, and your company’s announcements/updates: Email newsletters are one of the best mediums for keeping customers up-to-date about your products and services. Announce changes and upcoming events in the company’s newsletter, and always include a sentence with contact information.
  • Brand recognition: Promoting your company’s brand should be part of your mission statement for 2016, and a newsletter can help. Its design should reflect your style so readers know it’s from your company at a glance.

You can also easily use a newsletter is to develop email metric monitoring — another valuable marketing tool for your company. Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions, and let’s explore the opportunities to grow your business!

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