3 Local Marketing Trends in 2017 Every Business Should Know

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3 Local Marketing Trends in 2017 Every Business Should Know

Just about every form of digital marketing is important, but for local businesses, it’s local marketing tactics that can make or break their company. In fact, statistics show that nearly three-fourths of individuals who do online searches quickly visited a store within five miles of their location. This statistic alone makes knowing the local marketing trends of 2017 worth the hassle.

Local Marketing Trends in 2017
Local Marketing Trends in 2017

1. Hyperlocal Marketing Takes Over
Just a few years back, anyone searching for a certain item would type in their city name along with the industry into Google. Now, they simply say the product or service they’re seeking along with “near me.” These types of searches have steadily increased over the past two years, and Google took note.
While it’s impossible to move a local business closer to a given searcher, it is possible to utilize one’s current location better. Make sure all relevant information on Google My Business is filled out. Create content that’s focused on what locals may want to know even if it’s not completely industry-relevant. Taking just a few basic steps toward hyperlocal can go a long way.
2. Facebook Live Ads Are a Thing
Facebook Live has become huge over the past year. Realizing that, the social media giant decided to test out ads on live videos. The simple fact is that people love Facebook Live, so purchasing targeted ads is an amazing way to attract locals. Additionally, it’s possible for businesses to boost their own videos after they’re finished recording and the video shows normally on their page.
3. Local Social Media Marketing More Costly
Local businesses were using Facebook for advertising long before the website officially offered it. The social network realized it could make money, so that’s what they did. As algorithms continue to evolve and make it more difficult for businesses to advertise locally without spending cash, businesses will have to start spending money or looking for professional help to master the algorithms. Either way, their local social media marketing will need to evolve.
Local marketing is an essential aspect of promoting businesses of every size. People are looking for a quick fix, and the best way to accomplish that is to find someone nearby. The local marketing trends in 2017 might make this more difficult for businesses, but if they can master new techniques, their year will be successful.
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