Marketing Tips to Boost Growth in 2017

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Marketing Tips to Boost Growth in 2017

Now that 2016 is long gone, business owners must look towards new ways to make their companies successful in 2017. As has always been the case, marketing is the way to do this. Of course, different marketing tactics have different goals, but the primary motivation for any strategy is growth. These are just a few marketing methods to boost business growth in 2017.

Marketing Tips for 2017
Marketing Tips for 2017

Utilize Customer-Generated Content
Customers love to know they’re being heard, and one of the best ways to do this is share their “creations” with the world. With the majority of American adults having smartphones, they’re able to take photos at a moment’s notice. If they upload these to a company’s social media page, a great opportunity is presented for marketers to share user-generated content.
User-generated content, though, isn’t just about photos, memes and videos. Some of the most valuable pieces of content created by consumers, for example, are reviews. Luckily, there are a variety of tools that marketing managers can use to share reviews right on a business’s landing page.
Focus on Customer Engagement
Sharing user-generated content will certainly get someone’s attention and potentially even bring in new customers. Of course, consumers need to know that they’re worth more than what they can provide.
When someone leaves a comment on social media or a review site, it’s important to engage that individual so they know they’re being heard. Whether their initial comment is positive or negative, they deserve an informed answer. When others see this engagement, they’ll start spending their money to receive the same great experience.
Up the Game on Content
Content marketing has taken the promotional world by storm thanks to industry giants like Google focusing on SEO. This led to countless businesses tossing up content, ranging from blogs to videos, in an effort to rank high in search results.
Unfortunately, this often led to subpar content being pushed out, and consumers have finally taken notice. The content put out by a company must be helpful, informative or interesting in some way. If not, people will look elsewhere and spend their money at businesses they come to see as thought leaders.
Business growth in 2017 is the name of the game. Even if 2016 was less than successful, 2017 is a whole new year. Business owners who focus on growth tactics can expect great things.
Let’s get your business going in the right direction.  Try implementing these marketing tips and see how they work for you.  If you have a difficult time trying to correlate it to your specific industry, give us a call (888-416-7752), so that one of our marketing consultants can help you align it.  Or click here and schedule a complimentary strategy session.

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