5 Benefits of Construction Mobile Apps

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5 Benefits of Construction Mobile Apps


Mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, offer users an incredible amount of apps that can help with a wide range of tasks. This includes numerous tasks that need to be done so you can increase success in the construction industry.
The following are five benefits of construction mobile apps that you should take advantage of:

  • Site inspections – Using a mobile app for your site inspections will increase efficiency. Paper forms often require the same information to be filled out repeatedly, which wastes time. Not to mention that handwriting can be difficult to read and hard copies can be easily misplaced. A site inspection app allows the use of drop-down lists and pre-populated information.
  • Site safety and compliance reporting – It’s difficult to verify when and where safety inspections occurred, thereby making your business more vulnerable to liability risks. Mobile apps can make use of automatic date and time stamps as well as GPS features. You can even collect digital signatures.
  • Timesheets – Physical time cards don’t provide real time data and are often inaccurate. A time card mobile app can help track employee and contractor hours in real time.
  • Customer invoices – It can take hours and even days for paperwork for customer invoices to be filed, which increases the chances of miscommunication and errors. Mobile apps let you generate customer invoices in real time, allowing you to receive payments from customers much faster.
  • Work orders – Paper work orders tracking how many jobs every employee does each week is critical, but they are also time consuming, cumbersome, difficult to read and easy to lose. Mobile apps are more accessible, reliable, accurate, and flexible.

These are just a few benefits of construction mobile apps. Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions today for more information.

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