5 Email Marketing Facts You Should Know

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5 Email Marketing Facts You Should Know

Email MarketingWhile you don’t want to¬†neglect email marketing, you do want to avoid sending emails that get deleted or spammed before they ever have a chance to be read. Successful email marketing campaigns yield astonishing click-through and conversion rates; the key is developing the type of content your customers and prospective clients want to read.
Here are some email marketing facts to help nurture your marketing strategies and content creation in a way that resonates with your readers.

  1. 95% of online consumers use email. That’s great news for those who are email newsletter savvy. But, do keep in mind that those same people receive an average of 416 commercial email messages per month. Whoa! That should light a fire under you to create emails with engaging, high-quality content and images.
  2. 64% of consumers read emails on mobile devices. This is pretty important because if your website and emails aren’t mobile friendly, we guarantee you are missing out on lead nurturing opportunities, not to mention sales.
  3. Emails = Revenue. In 2012, email marketing revenue reached a whopping $156 million dollars. When done right, email marketing generates the highest ROI of any other digital marketing strategy. In fact, $44.25 is the average ROI for every $1 spent on email marketing.
  4. It pays to be a favorite company. If your email marketing isn’t paying off, it might be time to hire professionals and rethink your strategies because 70% of responders open emails from their favorite companies. Do what it takes to make yourself a favorite.
  5. Be Subject Savvy. 33% of email recipients open their emails depending on the subject. Those 70 +/- characters carry a great deal of weight. Make them count.

Inspired by these email marketing facts? Go one step further and hire professionals who can generate emails your customers want to open.

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