4 Mistakes Home Improvement Contractors Make in Internet Marketing

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4 Mistakes Home Improvement Contractors Make in Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingOne of the hardest things that home improvement contractors face is building an online presence for their companies. The world of Internet marketing is constantly evolving and trying to keep up with the times is sometimes just too much for a busy contractor.

Building an effective home improvement marketing campaign is a full time job and it can be a lot to handle if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. Below is a list of the top four mistakes that most home improvement company owners make when they try to create a campaign on their own.

  1. Faulty Website: Let’s face it, as a home improvement contractor you are an expert when it comes to the construction industry but perhaps you need help with Internet marketing. So many home improvement sites these days were built a decade ago with little to no up keep. These static websites lack search engine optimization and tags. Meta descriptions are just not part of their design. And with possibly out of date content that is not keyword rich¬– you are making it difficult for Google to rank you at the top!
  1. Not on the First Page: Ranking is another problem that many home improvement websites have. If your website is buried on the 6th page of a Google search, your website won’t be visited at all. This lack of traffic can destroy your chances of a successful marketing campaign. A website that is optimized with analytics will help your webpage get to the top of the search engine, and a dedicated professional can help you keep it there.
  1. Not on Local Directories: When it comes to home improvement services most people want to hire someone who is local. Even if they use the Internet to find the company, they still want someone in the area to do the work for them. By submitting your website to local directories, it will help your website be seen by people looking for services that you provide.
  1. Missing on Google Places: Many home improvement companies are not listed in google places. If you simply list your business in google places, you will get lots of local traffic that will want to do business with you. Be sure to give a detailed description of your business and where it is located. This will help people find you faster and with more accuracy.

When you need to get your web presence updated, why not hire a professional?
Getting some help with your home improvement marketing efforts is the fastest and best way to drive your website to the top of search engine pages. Hiring a team that will be dedicated to getting you the highest possible conversion rates and the most sales is a wise choice. Running a busy home improvement service is a busy job. So why not leave your internet marketing campaign to those who do it for a living?
Contact our dedicated team of internet marketing experts to get started on your campaign today. For more information on our services, click here and request a complimentary consultation.

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