Does Your About Us Page Tell Your Customers Enough About You?

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Does Your About Us Page Tell Your Customers Enough About You?

As a marketing professional and writer for Entrepreneur, Eric Siu recently analyzed business websites. He concluded that creating a quality About Us page is one of the most important keys to generating a sense of trust about your company because, after seeing that page, your reader is now interested in retaining your services.
We’ve said it before: “About Us” should be re-named “What We Can Do For You and Why We Do it Better,” but it’s too many words for the one tab. Here’s what a business’ About Us page should tell visitors the instant they click the link:ID-10022279

  1. About Us should immediately give your website visitors a reason to want to read the page.
  2. About Us content should present a logical flow that connects who you are and why you are their best choice in a competitive market. The essence of the “personality” and character of your business should be obvious at a glance.
  3. Pictures and videos share your company’s personality and allows your visitors to see who you are and the quality of your work. Keep any videos short and to-the-point, just like the number of words. 2013 attention-span statistics released in January indicate the average video attention span is 8 seconds. The percent of words read on web pages with 111 words or less is 49%.
  4. About Us should encourage a call to action. Your readers should want to know more about how you can help them.

Local Business Marketing Solutions knows that creating a quality About Us page can increase your readership and revenues. You can contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions to learn more About Us, but what we want your potential clients to know is more About You.
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