Getting Clients for a Law Firm Through Online and Offline Marketing Tactics

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Getting Clients for a Law Firm Through Online and Offline Marketing Tactics

getting clients for a law firm

Attracting new clients is easier when you don’t get stuck on the same marketing approaches. While traditional marketing methods still work to an extent, it is essential to be present online too. Combining online and offline methods is the secret to getting clients for a law firm.

In this blog post, we’ll explore creative business marketing solutions you can employ online and offline to reach your target audience and reel them in.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Online Ways of Getting Clients for a Law Firm

Everyone searches for everything online—even legal services. Thus, it’s vital that you know how to get clients as a lawyer through internet marketing. Brush up on your online marketing tactics with these tips.

Make Your Firm Available in Online Directories

First among the many things you can do to make your law firm available online is by posting on online law firm directories. Some of the popular ones include

  • Avvo,
  • Super Lawyers,
  • Yelp,
  • Justia,
  • Nolo, and

These websites will allow you to post your services, office address, website, contact number, business hours, and professional background and experience. Visitors can filter the legal topic or service they need and leave feedback and ratings. Through this, potential clients can get relevant search results faster.

These sites boost your credibility because these are pages where lawyers post their profiles. And because essential details about your firm are readily available, you know that those who will take the next step and contact you are high-quality leads.

Build a Law Firm Website for Prospective Clients

Complement your directory with a high-performance website. Partner with professional designers and developers who will plan how your website will look like and what the content will be. They will also help you with on-page and back-end search engine optimization. SEO is an essential step to ensure that the website you invested money, time, and effort in will be viewed by your target audience.

These benefits will make your investment worth it:

  • A website makes you look professional and trustworthy.
  • A website can be a source of hot leads. Publish lead magnet content and include clear calls to action to catch these leads.
  • Use your website as an extension of your customer service by exchanging comments and responding to private inquiries.
  • A website is a cost-effective way to let your services and brand be known.

Build Backlinks

After building a website, it is time to widen your reach through link building. Here are the different ways you can do this:

  • Guest Posting: Pitch articles to high-ranking and credible websites. You can insert links in the content leading to your website.
  • Post on Social Media: Nowadays, most everyone is on a social media platform, so share your content here. Remember to match your content to the dominant user activity in the platform. For example, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are intended for fun and entertainment. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is more professional.

Take Advantage of Online Networking and Referrals

Connect with individuals and organizations belonging to your target audience. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can begin there. Like you build networks offline, grow your connections online too.

Share your knowledge online through webinars and online training. Reach out and build connections with other professionals in the field. Accept invitations for online guest speaking. Come prepared, and make sure you have a landing page to capture your audience’s contact details for lead generation. Share how your audience or someone they know can contact you in case they need assistance.

How to Get Clients for Your Law Firm Offline

Although clients now search online, offline marketing strategies are still relevant. Being present physically increases your credibility and builds trust with potential clients—two important things when offering legal services.

If you’re wondering how to get clients as a lawyer through face-to-face opportunities, here are some ways to do it.

Join Organizations

Joining organizations is one way of widening your circle. This is where you can connect with other legal minds who can refer you to potential clients who may need your specializations. Most importantly, joining organizations can help you meet new people who will get to know you and your law firm.

Join groups that have activities you are interested in. Affiliating yourself with nonprofit organizations and corporate associations can open doors to people who might need your services.

Attend Conventions

You can also widen your network by joining conventions. These seasonal occasions can provide the same benefits as organizations do.

This is your chance to meet fellow lawyers. You can also meet professionals from different fields and exchange contacts, so you can refer each other to new clients when needed.

Conventions are also opportunities to flex your law expertise to event goers by offering free consultations. Don’t forget to get their contact information, as these individuals can be potential clients.

Try Guest Speaking

The fact that you are invited as a guest speaker means that you are a credible source of legal information and knowledge. Make the most of this opportunity to introduce what you and your firm can offer and what potential clients can expect.

Skip the hard selling and focus on sharing knowledge and showing how competent you are. Still, inform your audience how to find and reach you, and as always, don’t forget to get their contact information.

how to get clients as a lawyer

Law Firm Digital Marketing Assistance by Local Business Marketing Solutions

Everything has evolved with the presence of the Internet, even marketing. Despite this, tried and tested means of how lawyers get clients still work. By combining both the online and offline strategies above, you can get your legal assistance services known far and wide.

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  • Google PPC ads,
  • local SEO,
  • Facebook advertising,
  • social media marketing, and
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