The 5 Best Platforms for Gathering Online Reviews for Lawyers

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The 5 Best Platforms for Gathering Online Reviews for Lawyers

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Before the Internet, a lawyer’s reliability could be measured by a packed office and glowing word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. Today, when everybody searches online before getting any legal assistance, it’s measured through online reviews for lawyers.

Having good reviews for lawyers can truly make a significant impact on your firm’s success. So, let’s talk about the benefits of having a multitude of positive reviews under your belt. Additionally, we’ll share the best platforms to help you obtain those highly coveted reviews. 

Reasons You Need Online Reviews for Lawyers

When looking at examples of good reviews for lawyers online, you’ll notice that most are five-star ratings. You and potential clients don’t want to see anything less than three stars, or else your firm won’t be seen as credible. Aside from the star ratings, reviews include detailed feedback. 

Here are the different ways your law firm can benefit from these ratings and reviews.

Proves Your Firm’s Credibility

Potential clients look for legal services because they need it. They already intend to sign up for a partnership, but they want to look for the most trusted one among the many choices they have online. 

After thorough research, the final detail they’ll look at is the reviews on various credible websites. These potential clients will know through the testimonials of your past and current clients that you can be trusted. 

Promotes Service and Brand Awareness

Aside from what clients have to say about your service, review of lawyers can also be a means to promote the services you offer and your brand. Clients may have specific feedback which can reflect how much you helped them in a particular legal area. 

What’s your legal brand all about? Do you offer services that are available to everyone regardless of social status? What’s the unique story that sets you apart from other firms? Your branding can also be reflected in unbiased feedback from current and past clients.

Builds Current and Potential Client Relationships

Review sites nowadays are no longer static; they are interactive and encourage client and lawyer connections. You can utilize this feature to build relationships with current clients by ensuring that their ratings and feedback do not go unnoticed.

Make sure to acknowledge and thank good reviews. Treat bad feedback with professionalism. Remember that all these interactions are visible to other site visitors and can affect your image to potential clients. Always put your best foot forward to retain your current clients and attract qualified leads.

client reviews for lawyers

Improves Your Business Through Feedback

Aside from handling feedback professionally, learn from them too. Clients are the lifeblood of your business, so listen to whatever they need to say through their ratings and feedback.

The best way to do this is to extract the data from different review sites for a customer feedback analysis. Once you’ve pointed out the best practices that led to good reviews, keep doing them. On the other hand, take the opportunity to learn from the negative feedback. Check on which areas of your business you can improve so that you won’t receive the same bad comments again.

Boosts Your Search Engine Ranking

The World Wide Web is governed by algorithms that rank content according to the most relevant and most helpful to searchers’ queries. The more reviews you get, especially good ones, the higher your chances are to be in the first page of search results. And when this happens, more people will see and know about your services and brand.

Aside from the feedback and ratings themselves, make sure to optimize the content of your review listing, too. To get the best optimization results, it’s best to rely on an SEO consultant for lawyers.

The Best Platforms for Collecting Customer Reviews: Our Top 5 Picks

It should be clear by now how client reviews for lawyers can benefit your business. With that, get to know the different sites and directories where clients can leave ratings and feedback for your services.

Google Business Profile

You can never go wrong setting up a Google Business Profile—it’s completely free! Just make sure to optimize your content for your listing to rank. By creating a GBP and inputting your details (e.g., office address, business hours), you’ll automatically be on Google Maps. This is fantastic for attracting local clients searching for legal services. GBP will also automatically display your ratings and reviews for searches you rank for.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) website is intended for audiences in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Although the BBB rating does not focus on the legal industry, it is still one of the best attorney review sites because of the nonprofit organization’s reputation for integrity and transparency.


An online directory can be a great place to find reviews for attorneys, especially when the platform is specifically created for the legal field. Avvo is that kind of website. All the profiles, reviews, and feedback on the website are for lawyers. The categories on the site are well-organized for your potential client’s convenience, and clients can search by practice area, city, or state.

examples of good reviews for lawyers

Another website that caters specifically to lawyers is Individuals looking for legal services will find this site appealing because it has profiles of lawyers worldwide. They can look for lawyers based on their practice areas or a more specific location. Make yourself available here, too, as this site is considered a top platform in the legal industry.


Potential clients who want an in-depth view of a firm head to Martindale-Hubbell. This website shows not only ratings and feedback from customers but also comprehensive reviews of lawyers by fellow practitioners. Build your profile here and pick the two best reviews you have—these will be highlighted on your profile to catch the attention of potential clients.

Local SEO for Lawyers by Local Business Marketing Solutions

In today’s digital age, online reviews can make all the difference when it comes to attracting potential clients and growing a law firm. Good reviews build credibility and establish trust between potential clients and a law firm. Additionally, reviews can serve as a way to promote your practice areas and unique story. Firms can also learn from client feedback and tweak their services accordingly. Lastly, reviews can improve search engine rankings. 

Local Business Marketing Solutions’ local SEO service can help your firm get noticed online and stand out from local competitors. It includes 

  • matching the content on your site to keyword search terms that potential clients are using;
  • ensuring the back end of your site is optimized with the right headers, tags, and descriptors;
  • optimizing your Google Business Profile listing, as well as your listings on other Internet directories and search engines;
  • improving the quality of links on your website, as well as backlinks to your site; and
  • gathering client reviews so that you can build your online reputation.

Request a strategy session with us today to learn how we can help your law firm’s digital marketing efforts succeed.

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