Happy 15th to Local Business Marketing Solutions

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Happy 15th to Local Business Marketing Solutions

Local Business Marketing Solutions

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Today, Local Business Marketing Solutions (LBMS) is celebrating 15 years in business.


Listen to this special episode as we have a trip down memory lane as to how LBMS was formed and we discuss what is in store for the future of the company.


We discuss topics like the ideal target market, the best advice given in the past 15 years, what’s coming down to pike, that will help our client clientele even more, and much much more.


Share this episode with any attorney you know that is looking to make 2023 their best year to date.


If you would like to connect with Frank, Visit him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fdemming/


General Info:

We wrote a blog post about this topic, if you’d like more information about this, you can visit that post here: http://lbmsllc.com/how-to-choose-a-digital-marketing-company/


Are you looking for digital marketing help for your law firm? Are you currently running a few campaigns, but are not getting the results you were hoping for?


If you are nodding yes to both questions, check out these case studies of some killer results we have gotten for law firms just like yours and ask us how we can help you get those same results.  Click here to review the case studieshttp://lbmsllc.com/lp-attorneys/


If you want to get a hold of us, or you would like to be a guest on our show simply click here: http://lbmsllc.com/contact-us/


Is there a topic you would like us to cover? Send an email to info@lbmsllc.com or simply call 888-416-7752

Want a free evaluation of your digital marketing presence? Simply click herehttp://lbmsllc.com/online-presence-report/
and we’ll send you a free snapshot report to get started.


For a copy of my book, 7 Steps to Recession-Proofing Your Business, click this link: http://lbmsllc.com/book


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Connect With Frank Directly on LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/fdemming/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC97CxzX4YnOazsF39DOe34A

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