How to Bridge the Gap Between Parents in Divorce and Their Attorneys – Ravit Rose

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How to Bridge the Gap Between Parents in Divorce and Their Attorneys – Ravit Rose

Ravit Rose

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Ravit Rose has survived and thrived her decade-long nasty divorce. After having spent over $100k in legal fees, she finally understood the “divorce game”.


She summarizes the root cause of this problem in one sentence: “We don’t know how to marry and we certainly don’t know how to divorce either.”

Since Ravit saw the bright light at the end of this tunnel, her life purpose shifted towards helping parents avoid ending up broke & broken. She wants parents to learn how to stop their emotions from sabotaging the family.

As the founder of Divorce by Rose, she’s replacing the outdated status quo with a fresh, balanced system. When parents join this community app anonymously, they access 24/7 instant support & solutions from specialized coaches. The various types of coaches are trained to assist parents in making the logical & methodical decision to either stay married or get divorced and then, help them figure out their next steps with coping strategies and realistic solutions.

Ravit shines when she sees families from far and wide moving FORWARD in life.

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