How to Choose the Best Content to Share

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How to Choose the Best Content to Share

Content creation is the name of the game for online marketing. Creative, targeted content is the means to increasing your brand’s online presence. However, how does one decide what content will be the most effective?
Here are some tips for deciding how to choose content to share:

  1. Find the right launch pad. Use Portent to take keywords and phrases and come up with new, creative and clever ideas you never would have thought of on your own. This can work as powerful springboard for blogs.


  1. Suss out popular. For this, we recommend familiarizing yourself with BuzzSumo. It can become an amazing tool for content creation, sharing and competitor tracking. To start, simply search your own keywords to see where they appear in popular content. Use filter features to find guest posts from industry leaders, articles, offers, videos, or interviews.


  1. Use engaging visual content. People always appreciate good visual content. You can use sites like eMaze to assemble images into interesting slideshows highlighting product features, results of customer surveys, or other information about your business’s unique sales propositions.


  1. Get relevant content in your inbox. HootSuite has a Suggested Content feature that analyzes your business’s Twitter feeds and other social media interactions and then curates relevant social media and web content that it thinks you’ll appreciate. You can repurpose, share, or use it to feed your own content creation ideas.


  1. Find content that appeals to your own interests. What appeals to you most likely appeals to others, so let Theneeds find it and send it your way. By browsing thousands of web articles and paying attention to your “likes” and “shares,” Theneeds will send you relevant articles to peruse.

Learning to source content to share is a giant leap in the right direction. If you still struggle to generate the level of content and social media engagement needed to grow you business, schedule a consultation with Local Business Marketing Solutions. Contact us for more information. Give us a call: 888-416-7752

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