What are the Basics of Hyper-local Social Media Marketing?

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What are the Basics of Hyper-local Social Media Marketing?

If you own a small business, it can feel impossible to compete with Fortune 500 and corporate chains when it comes to your social media campaigns. Rather than giving up, focus on hyper-local markets; we have a feeling you’ll notice the difference.
Hyper-local social media marketing considers geographic marketing on a smaller scale, called nano-markets. By tailoring your content marketing, offers and promotions to these nano-markets, you have a much better chance of competing because you’ll be using a more personalized approach.
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Here are three tips on how your business can begin using hyper-local social media marketing to your advantage and hold your own with the “big guys:”

  1. Use the Twitter Search function. Twitter’s “search” function might be one of the most under-used social media tools business owners have access to in order to seek out those who are tweeting and conversing about the products and services they want and need. You can take this search function a few steps further by targeting customers who are within a specific geographic area and communicating with them directly. This is a very personalized way to get your message out to the people who are most likely to listen.


  1. Get involved in Meetup. Meetup was created to use the internet to connect people, and then get them together in “real life.” It costs less than $100 a year to start a Meetup forum on a topic that relates to your business. Then schedule Meetup events that expose others to your products/services/related informational functions, etc.


  1. Use FourSquare to your advantage. Sometimes, it’s about how you manipulate a social media platform to your advantage. Find out who’s visiting your competitor’s websites on FourSquare, then connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Does your business take advantage of hyper-local social media marketing?
Let us know how it has worked for you. Feel like you could use a crash course on social media marketing in general? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Local Business Marketing Solutions and we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Contact us at Local Business Marketing Solutions today for more helpful tips. Give us a call: 888-416-7752

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