How to Create Effective SEO for Your Company’s Website

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How to Create Effective SEO for Your Company’s Website

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know “Content is King!” in the world of websites, blogs, and social media content. This is because search engine algorithms continually prioritize high-quality, organic content that is engaging and informative. That being said, creating effective SEO content is still critical.
Here are tips for creating effective SEO content that will help to keep your websites above the fold in search engine results, and will inspire your visitors to keep reading and following your content.

  1. Create powerful titles. Your content titles are very important. Firstly, they have much to do with whether or not web crawlers find and rank your content. They should be relevant, concise (70 characters or less is optimal) and engaging, which leads to the second component; titles determine whether or not searchers decide to click on your page. Use a wide range of titles: straightforward, catchy, slightly controversial, etc. to lure in the wide spectrum of buyer personas.
  2. Write naturally. Yes, you have spent time doing your keyword homework (we hope!), and you want to make sure those keywords rank. However, if your content doesn’t flow naturally, it won’t rank. Why? Because search engines are paying attention to what is shared. If your content isn’t natural, valuable, and engaging, it won’t be shared and will have trouble gaining momentum.
  3. Build links. Inbound linking can seem daunting, but the more you link to quality, relevant content, the more likely you are to be linked back to – major bonus points. Other ways to get inbound links include guest blogging, asking for link swaps from your peers and – of course – creating amazing content that others can’t help but share.

Finally, don’t forget to measure your results! Learning what works – and what doesn’t – will help you to hone your SEO and content creation skills.
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