Digital Marketing for Lawyers: 8 Content Marketing Tips to Remember

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Digital Marketing for Lawyers: 8 Content Marketing Tips to Remember

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Do you want greater visibility and growth for your law firm’s digital marketing strategy? If so, aside from traditional marketing, content marketing needs to be part of that mix.

Content marketing is an integral part of comprehensive online strategies for lawyers, and it’s more important than ever for firms looking to increase their online reach. By combining content with other essential  legal digital marketing strategies like local SEO for lawyers, attorneys can create powerful campaigns that drive results. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how you can leverage content marketing effectively as part of your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. But first, get to know the three main roles of content in a digital marketing strategy to motivate you to do content marketing right. Let’s dive in!

Helps Drive Traffic

Part of online marketing for lawyers is search engine optimization (SEO). It makes sure that each piece of content includes competitive keywords you get from SEO tools. When utilized correctly, these keywords will help your content appear on the search engine results page (SERP).

Content marketing ensures that all the hard work you invested in building a professional website and publishing content will be worth it. When your content appears on the first page of the SERPs, the chances of it being clicked on is high. Positioning, plus an appealing title and meta description, can trigger your potential client’s curiosity. Each click then adds to your website’s traffic. With high-quality content, you can convert this traffic into successful sales. 

Engages Your Target Audience

Do you offer a variety of legal services, or do you specialize in one? Do your target clients need civil rights lawyers, banking and finance lawyers, corporate lawyers, or environment and natural resources lawyers? Before creating winning content, you need to know what you can offer to target the audience that needs your law firm’s specializations.

Through local SEO for lawyers, you can dive deep and check the demographics of your client base. This can further tailor-fit your content to their wants and needs. When you post content suitable to your target audience, you can engage them easily.

Establishes Credibility

Aside from engagement, the most important impact you want to create is credibility. The fact that you have content readily available on the Internet builds trust and is already a step towards having a reliable online reputation.

On top of having content is the quality of content you create. As a legal firm, your goal is to establish that target clients can trust you. This involves creating high-quality content that shows you know what you’re talking about. On the other hand, you must also know that these potential clients aren’t well-versed in legal jargon, so you must strike a balance between being credible and ensuring clients understand what you’re saying.

internet marketing for law firms

8 Content Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Now that you know what content marketing is for, let’s look at content marketing ideas for law firms that can help you get it right. Note that your competitors in the legal industry are also doing content marketing, so your content has to stand out among the sea of articles, video content, social media posts, and emails they create. 

Check out these tips.

     1. Post Relevant Content Consistently

Use your law firm’s website to its full potential by ensuring you post blogs consistently. Regularly posting blogs benefits you in three ways.

  • Your local SEO strategies will get a boost as the Google algorithm will always have something new to crawl.
  • The keywords you use in the content can boost your search engine rankings. 
  • Your loyal site visitors (and potential clients) will also have something new to read.

Some of the relevant high-quality content you can post are the following:

  • Explaining specific laws in layman’s terms
  • Guides on how to be law-abiding citizens
  • Interviews of your satisfied clients, both past and current
  • Successful and interesting cases
  • Current and trending topics about law

    2. Maximize Infographics

As a law firm publishing online, there are surely terms and statistics that are better explained through infographics. An infographic is a visual representation of data that is more attractive than plain text. For example, line, bar, and pie graphs are better representations of trends as they are easier to understand. With infographics, your readers can get the information they need without having to digest long texts.

    3. Add a Human Touch Through Videos

Videos are a tried and tested form of content that appeals to viewers, with a high return on investment (ROI). This is why many digital marketers include them in their internet marketing efforts.

You too can use videos in your content, whether it is on your website or in your social media posts. Add a human touch and a face to your brand by featuring your lawyers at work or by posting your clients’ online reviews of your legal services.

   4. Do Social Media Marketing

No matter what branch of law you practice, you can benefit from social media marketing. Successful businesses use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach and interact with a wider audience.

Social media is equipped with group chats and private groups that allow you to exchange messages with your potential and existing clients. Not only can you build relationships with them, but they can also create networks among each other. This sense of belonging can contribute to them signing up for a service or becoming patrons. 

   5. Launch Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing works best when targeting professionals (like your target audience). They can have an archive of your messages in their inbox which they can read at a convenient time.

Digital Marketing for Lawyers in New Jersey

   6. Try Podcasts


Lawyers are known for their eloquence. Bring this asset outside the courtroom and into your content through podcasts. Some interesting podcast ideas are having a lawyer answer queries from potential clients or having a team of lawyers discuss topics your target audience finds interesting. Podcasts are a convenient way to build your brand as your audience only needs to listen; they can do it simultaneously with other activities.

   7. Widen Your Reach Through Guest Posts

Another popular content marketing technique is to write articles for credible and high-traffic law websites. This practice is called guest posting. Various websites have different guidelines when it comes to content and word count. Others are strict when it comes to keeping the content free from sales pitches. Yet, all of them ensure that you can add a link in the content that leads to your website for you to get more traffic, quality leads, and eventually sales.

   8. Monitor Your Digital Marketing Strategies

After launching all of these online marketing efforts, the final tip we can give you is to always monitor your numbers. Stay on top of the following data:

  • Website traffic
  • Engagement on social media posts 
  • Video and podcast views/listens
  • Number of subscribers
  • Sources for your clicks and impressions

Through these numbers, you’ll discover whether your content marketing strategies work. If they do, you can continue with the best practices. However, if some performance metrics are lagging, you can tweak your digital marketing efforts to address them.

Digital Marketing for Lawyers by Local Business Marketing Solutions

By understanding what online marketing for law firms is, how it works, and tips to get you started, you can effectively reach your target audience. With a well-thought-out law firm digital marketing strategy and utilization of all the tools available, your law firm can get more leads while showcasing your trustworthiness and expertise. 

Our marketing team at Local Business Marketing Solutions offers digital marketing solutions tailored to the needs of any law firm—from preparing an effective content marketing strategy to helping your business manage its display ads. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Request a strategy session with us today, and let our legal marketing experts show you the power of internet marketing for law firms.

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