Lawyers on Instagram: A Guide to Building Your Social Media Presence

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Lawyers on Instagram: A Guide to Building Your Social Media Presence

Practicing law can be one of the most fulfilling and profitable professions. You get paid helping people, and there’s real value in that. But for lawyers to give more help, they must first be seen in as many places as possible. That’s why lawyers on Instagram have found an unconventional way (at least for lawyers) to reach out on social media other than LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s time for your law firm to consider getting into this social media platform. Let Local Business Marketing Solutions share with you some basic principles and tips to make sure you build your Instagram presence the right way.

Should Lawyers Have Instagram?

Absolutely! The legal industry is very competitive. This is true especially if you’re a local law firm competing against others in a limited area. It’s a small pie, and to get a good portion of it, you’ll want to be seen by every potential client you can serve. Instagram has a way of effectively doing that for you.

The Basics of Building an Instagram Presence for a Law Firm

Cementing your law firm’s presence on Instagram requires more than just creating an account and inviting your clients to follow it. You must follow certain principles to get the most out of Instagram’s ability to build your online presence.

Know Your Brand and Your Audience

Before you launch your law firm’s Instagram account, you’ll want to plan how to position your law firm as a brand. Your presence in social media first relies on your firm’s identity, and branding will help you stick out. When brainstorming, consider your legal training or practice first, then brainstorm how you want to present them as uniquely yours.

Your target audience comes as an important second. You want to build a persona of the clients you want to engage. Much of this hinges on your brand, services, and your value proposition working in synergy. For example, lawyers specializing in personal injury may target hospital patients seeking malpractice litigation.

Let Them Know You’re There

Once you have a brand and know the audience you want to target, it’s time to build awareness. This means putting content for Instagram users to view consistently and boosting it for better reach.

Every content should have a marketing goal. But for the early stages of building your presence on Instagram, aim to build brand awareness first. You’ll have to strike a balance between providing value and making sure you’re letting the audience know your brand is on Instagram.

Add Value by Helping Them

One practice that never fails if you want to build an Instagram presence is to give value to your audience. The focus must be on helping them rather than selling them your services. So your posts must help them solve their problems, get them out of some minor inconvenience, or entertain them, at the very least.

Relate and Engage with Them

Some law firms struggle to make a connection with their audience. It’s a challenge compounded by the air of professionalism and expertise, which can discourage casual engagement.

Clients achieve this connection with your law firm if you engage them first. Try to respond to their comments on your posts, reply to them if they slide into your DMs, and bring up topics that can get them talking. Be part of the conversation.

Use Other Social Media Platforms to Boost Presence

Your Instagram account can be your primary marketing channel, but you can boost your social media presence further if you’re on more platforms. For example, you can connect your Instagram to your Facebook to drive traffic to your account. A YouTube channel is also a must if you want to make engagement-worthy content.

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Practical Tips for Lawyers on Instagram

Your strategy for gaining an Instagram presence depends on how you identify your brand and the type of legal practice you specialize in. But here are some practical things any law firm can do to get more followers.

Share Important Legal Facts and Reminders

People always want to be on the right side of the law. But the problem is they’re too busy to even bother with things they ought to know. If you give them facts and reminders about these and combine the power of photo, video, and copy to deliver the message, you’ll get them engaged and wanting more.

You have to do this on a consistent basis. You can do this on your own, or hire an online advertising agency to take care of it for you.

Give Free Legal Advice

An even better tip to reel in potential clients is to give free legal advice, say, by using Instagram Live. A perfect example of this is Kyona the Lawyer. She is a trademark lawyer that does corporate counseling about the trademark needs of modern business owners. She holds live Q&As on her Instagram accounts that target her existing followers and attract other small business owners.

Make Good Use of Hashtags

If you’re starting out on Instagram, hashtags are your weapon to reach your target audience. With hashtags, you can post your content and tag it to ensure it shows up to those who need it. Find popular and niche hashtags that your law firm can use for each post to increase your social media presence.

Share Local Laws That Are Relevant to Your Target Clients

Law firms operate within a locality or jurisdiction that has its own legal system. So, consider sharing posts that will help your community get updated with local laws.

The Margarian Law Firm is a good example. The firm shares information about California Lemon Law that can be helpful for their potential clients—those having problems with a vehicle they just bought. It’s fitting for the firm because they specialize in auto dealer fraud and automotive litigation.

Show What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

Many people view law as a lofty and prestigious profession, but Instagram is a platform for entertainment, self-expression, and social interaction. If you’re a lawyer building a presence there, you’ll want to be seen as an expert, yes, but a relatable and approachable one. One way to do that is by showing your law firm behind the scenes to get more clients to your physical door.

Take @attorney_amanda_demanda for an example. Her Instagram profile has a Story Highlight dedicated for behind-the-scene content.

Law Firms on Instagram Can Boost Their Presence Further

Establishing your presence on Instagram can be a long battle. If you’re a local law firm offering legal services similar to other popular law firms within your area, it can be challenging to compete for presence. But with Local Business Marketing Solutions, you can get a leg up and earn your audience’s attention and business.

If you’re ready to take your business to Instagram and build your social media presence quickly, contact us for a 15-minute discovery consultation.

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