Remarketing Mistakes

Don't Make These Fatal Remarketing Mistakes

According to Statista research on the effectiveness of remarketing in the USA, 30 percent of marketing professionals said remarketing is very or even extremely effective in attracting new customers.

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Working In Open
Marketing Trends

How Often Should I Post to My Blog?

Blogging frequency is somewhat of a sticky topic in the digital marketing world. Some people have hard and fast beliefs about how “you have to post seven blogs per

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Successful Social Media Contest
Social Media Marketing

11 Steps to a Successful Social Media Contest

Running contests on social media offers one of the best strategies for getting audiences engaged, earning shares, and generating impressions. Following a careful procedure can increase your contest’s chances

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People Using Gadgets
Social Media Marketing

Why Your Local Business Needs Social Media

Social media has profoundly changed the way we all use the internet, and that includes how businesses interact with their customers. In the years since platforms like Facebook, Instagram,

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C-Suit Success Radio

C-Suite Success Radio Interview

Listen to this interview with Frank below to help you gain the edge you are looking for:     On this episode of C-Suite Success Radio, your host Sharon

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SEO Trends

5 Expected SEO Trends for 2018

Whether it is a trip to your long awaited favorite holiday destination, a family lunch or visiting a shopping mall, advanced planning is always the best idea. Planning your

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